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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh threats provinces pay to slit trenches for cover by



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Daesh threats provinces pay to slit trenches for cover by

Post by rocky on Tue 06 Sep 2016, 3:47 am

Daesh threats provinces pay to slit trenches for cover by

 BAGHDAD / Talk 

The Iraqi government began a few months ago in the implementation followed a security plan for hundreds of years to meet the"Daesh" and to protect cities, it is to create trenches around, in a sign of the inability of the security forces to prevent the risk effectively for them. 
And preoccupied with a number of Iraqi cities in the north, west and south in the pits trenches to protect it from "Daesh", and completed some of these cities this old security project, while still some under Labour, while demanding other cities in the establishment of a trench around it , most recently the city of Al - Muthanna , located south of the country. 
the story began trenches in Iraq with a sweeping offensive launched organize "Daesh" in June 2014 and fell one city after another in that year onwards in Mosul, Sinjar and Tal Afar and Qayyarah in the province ofNineveh, and Tikrit and Baiji, Chinese, science and role in Salah al - Din, and Fallujah, Ramadi, Hit, wet and Anah and Rawa and Qaim in Anbar, and some towns north adjacent to Baghdad , Babylon. 
after the middle of last year managed the army regrouped and joined by dozens of Shiite factions to fight "Daesh" and began to regain these cities from extremists in fierce battles and guerrilla war within neighborhoods, and here the army discovered a new challenge in maintaining these cities and prevent thereturn of fighters "Daesh " to it. 
It seems that the use of the federal government and the provinces to dig trenches reflects a failure in thefight against extremists completely, despite the significant progress made ​​by the security forces against Daesh over the past months in the liberation of many cities, but used a defensive way as if expecting anattack at any moment . the 
first cities that the Iraqi security forces succeeded edit is his "rock cliff" north of the province of Babylon, but the elements of the "Daesh" continued the attack on this town and here came the idea of creating a deep trench to isolate the city and prevent the infiltration of elements. the 
total length of this trench (45) kilometers and isolates Babylon volatile Anbar and Karbala stable province security, and next to the trench earthy length of ten meters and towers protect the barrier all (spread 500 meters), according to deputy head of the province of Babylon Hasan The support, he says , for "discussion" that "this plan is necessary city to protect that It suffered from extremists years ago. " 
in the eighth of last month managed to suicide bombers from infiltrating" the country of the "city of the northern Salahuddin province , and blew themselves up at the gates of a Shi'ite shrine, were killed and more than 70 people , although the city is under the control of thousands elements of the Shiite factions and security forces were unable to "Daesh" of the occupation. 
Two weeks after the incident , the Shiite factions in digging a trench around the city began to protect them from the neighboring towns, says Jafar al - Saadi, one of the fighters , "Abbas band" of the Shiite's "talk" the factions "digging the trench continues a depth of three meters and the offer itself and also the popular crowd and the army in the drilling process." 
Abu Qasim , a resident of the city who did not want his full name, said the "debate" that "our city isthreatened all the time due Daesh, but the trench will not prevent suicide bombers from entering into the city, and are able to disguise and get it. " 
Abu Qasim feared that works trench to insulate his city from neighboring cities for decades , and there aretrade between them , especially vegetables and fruits that come about from the neighboring city of Yathrib exchange. To the west of Iraq, specifically in the city of Fallujah , the former stronghold of the organization "Daesh," anti - terrorism forces began a few weeks to dig a trench around the city since after the liberation, the military says the trench to prevent the return of extremists to once and for all. 
Extends the ditch along the seven kilometers and a depth meter and half a meter in the government plan to isolate Fallujah and to keep the inlet and outlet of one of the residents, which is impounded by the local government in Anbar. He says one of them , asking not to be named for "debate" that "trench would hinder the reconstruction of the city 's efforts and bring life back to normal, because the Anbar city of Fallujah tribal and connected with the suburban gray center of the capital in decades." But the most prominent criticism about the Wall of Fallujah came from the Shiite leader's controversial Muqtada al - Sadr , who has declared his opposition to dig trenches around Fallujah and other cities, he said in a statement issued by the "trenches isolate the cities of Iraq , a sectarian idea." 
Even the Shiite southern provinces of stable security began to think about digging trenches around, Karbala ,where thousands of fighters spread of the "popular crowd" and includes a major Shiite religious shrines on theverge of completing the trench around the southern border with Najaf, and Western with Anbar. 
the length of the trench (70 km) and a depth of two meters, and in addition to the trench will be next to thewall sandy has a height of three meters, and oversees Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al - Karbalai, a spokesman top Shiite cleric Ali al - Sistani, the construction of the trench. 
the Muthanna province south of the country, called on local authorities last week , the government dug atrench also around despite the fact that this city is considered from more cities stable and experiencing terrorist bombings only rarely. 
but the most controversial that the trenches , which the Kurdistan region began in the hole a few months ago, the biggest trenches in Iraq so far and with a length of more than (300 km) and extends from Sinjar through in Tal Afar and Kirkuk down to spend Tuz in Salahuddin. 
Shiite and Sunni parties criticized this trench and considered a plan to draw the Kurdish region of the state geographical boundaries of the Kurdish province of Kurdistan , which seeks to hold a referendum on that. But the President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani , said that " The purpose of the trench is the protection of thePeshmerga forces of Daesh and prevent a repeat of what happened in 2014". 
Security expert in the affairs of jihadist groups Ziad Tariq says for "debate" that "trenches can be penetrated easily by the extremists, and when attacking Daesh city brings with bulldozers to help bridge the trenches and the destruction of fences dirt , as happened in Anbar. " 
he adds that" the next problem of Iraq is not in the wild attacks by Daesh but in sleeper cells possessed Daesh within cities, and the failure of the checkpoints in the detection of extremists who are going through across it without fear , as happened in the bombing of Karrada as investigations revealed that the car bomb came from Diyala province and crossed more than (14) checkpoint on the road. " 
victories achieved by the Iraqi government to extremists seem incomplete, as security forces relied on military force only in achieved and ignored the political and social actions that will eliminate the barriers between Shiites and Sunnis. For this, the government will continue to feel the danger of extremists , which forced her to support the idea of digging trenches around the city.

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