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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Mosul dilemma



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Mosul dilemma

Post by rocky on Tue 06 Sep 2016, 3:51 am

Mosul dilemma

 d. Nazim raised Aljaasur 

Left little large but Bmphajath which may open doors for complex internal crises indicate vulnerability and confusion experienced by the central government, Mosul last bastions Daesh in terms of importance in Iraq, the mood of the central government with the Liberation and involve bombarded with all sorts and the mood of Americans with a delay operations up to stay at the same American decision-maker
The Iraqi government is aware that it can not take a firm decision regarding the fate of this city only after the approval of the Americans for fear of air strikes friendly on advanced military units around Mosul, yes we now live and one of the most important American wars in the region, we summon all our energies for war stay American, idea Biden calling (anti - terrorism plus) that are talked about to eliminate armed groups in Afghanistan , along with the development and training of forces out there that did not take sufficient area ofIraqis in previous years , both in the US occupation or even after the withdrawal , as it is in Afghanistan, but today may enter into force after it cemented the idea of survival of the segments from within Iraqi society who have become convinced that what America wants to do and what happens is of its own making, leaving the fate of everyone depends on balloons test launched by major force from time to time to turn these communities into obedient communities any idea adopted by the US administration. the 
question here Does America have become convinced that the organization Daesh an enemy who must put anend to its presence in the region?, this question is to answer it is determined by the extent of the threat posed by this regulation it and its interests and allies in the region in terms of oil supplies and control price levels , knowing that America is sure to get rid of these organizations once and for all but impossible for the time being after widespread in different vital areas of the world, and after that became her cans , it isnecessary to eliminate it means non - violent or military, the support of the change in the Arab region ( Arab spring) the alternative was shocking was these groups have replaced those dictatorial regimes that allowed it to spread prepared by some random but in fact thoughtful according to data hatred and persecution , whether on America or the ruling regimes in those areas. 
what raises of scenarios beyond Mosul Broader mostly moving towards a pessimistic thoughts do not meet the ambitious, Iraq is politically today live a new problem will affect the work of party blocs are divisions experienced by these dominant power blocs (Shiite - Sunni - Kurdish) these divisions will affect the political situation in Iraq , particularly the issue of the right decision to take with regard specifically fateful decisions, for example , edit Mosul 's decision, this researcher blocks for the privileges and immunities of today is trying to pick Bosrtha political disappointments Faqadtha and theoreticians and their backers at home and abroad are aware that a short life if it goes events like this, so they are fighting today in parliament according to thetheories of rapid miscarriage (interrogations) , which is aimed primarily at Government Abadi and continuity of whether or not foremost. 
 some may wonder what the fate of the territories liberated from Daesh which has yet to be liberated in themidst of this conflict is the party responsible? The answer is why not go wrong will and partisan Mahassah of those blocks, because they are still unaware of the measures that could be substituted for failing Throughout this period, the fate of these areas the focus of a number of measures taken by the government towards thecitizens there since the displacement until they return to their homes in these areas may come , Daesh inevitably be defeated but the problem in a single (defeat) does will actually defeat or will be minimized in this period , at least? Above all the government has to take into account a very important issue is the lost trust between the citizens of these regions and its policy which, otherwise, what happened two years ago and we are still paying the price will be repeated at any moment with a partisan prey in the murky water, and also theproblem of selecting persons who is their management of these provincial affairs and the extent of their credibility at work, the other issue is the civil administration and how it will work on the infrastructure of these provinces devastated by Daesh throughout this period and how they relate with the center and the distinction between editorial military and administration civilians rehabilitation, working to revive her for lift all suspicion and distrust that settled in the minds of citizens that reflected the despair of any positive at work, also theissue of delivery of these lands to its citizens to protect them have some fear of the formation of factions zonal or clan be armed forces generic security forces may be at a time outside the control of the state in thecase of inconsistencies between them and the central government , as happened in the case of theAwakening , part of which turned into fighters against the state, will remain a complex issue connector until after liberation change is the demographic for this city a threat to their identity and we will see to avenge atribal and personally affect the order of the interior Musli, and Ssayasoha will run their areas according to what is dictated to them and are still thinking with those who will divide the cake of Mosul, where those who prevail.


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Re: Mosul dilemma

Post by wciappetta on Tue 06 Sep 2016, 7:35 am

the support of the change in the Arab region ( Arab spring) the alternative was shocking was these groups have replaced those dictatorial regimes that allowed it to spread prepared by some random but in fact thoughtful according to data hatred and persecution , whether on America or the ruling regimes in those areas. 

A damning observation of the Rookie foreign policy of the Obama administration as administered and advised by Hillary Clinton [You would think 30 years in politics could have taught you something besides thieving].

In essence they are saying this policy created the enemy we now fight and that it was not an accident and that this element always existed in the Middle East but was kept in check by these dictators, unleashed by shortsighted novices with no plan. The Arab spring was not spontaneous, but orchestrated with no exit strategy, Much like the jetison of US troops out of Iraq....

For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.


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Re: Mosul dilemma

Post by Lobo on Tue 06 Sep 2016, 1:12 pm

Orchestrated by the puppet master Soros, with Obama and Hillary dancing to the tune being played.

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Re: Mosul dilemma

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