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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 6, 2016



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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 6, 2016

Post by rocky on Tue 06 Sep 2016, 6:07 am

Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 6, 2016
Posted on September 6, 2016 by Editorial Staff in Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief
[size=13]After disappearing for 2 weeks, Massoud Barzani to meet François Hollande in Paris[/size]
Paris: While on a trip to Europe since August 23, Masoud Barzani is scheduled to meet with the French President François Hollande in Paris this week, a source said. Barzani will be discussing the war on Islamic State (IS), the long-promised operation to liberate Mosul, as well as latest political developments in the region, a sources close to Massoud Barzani revealed to BasNews, noting that the case of Kurdish referendum on independence will be on top of the agenda. Barzani disappeared after leaving Turkey on August 24, after a two-day stay in Turkey where he met with Turkish top officials. According to observers and unofficial sources, Barzani likely visits Austria and Switzerland due of his alleged big private investments there |
[size=13]Turkish air strikes hit PKK targets in Iraqi Kurdistan: military[/size]
Ankara: Turkish warplanes destroyed 12 targets in Iraqi Kurdistan late on Monday, the Turkish military said, striking a region where Ankara says the leadership of Turkey’s Kurdish militant group PKK is based. The military statement said the sites hit were in the Metina and Hakurk regions of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, but did not give further details. In the past, such strikes have been aimed at targets Turkey says are linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Reuters |

[size=13]Duhok closes hospitals as emigration to Europe means shortage of doctors[/size]
Duhok: At least three hospitals and a number of health centers are going to be shut down in the Kurdish city of Duhok due to a lack of physicians. “In 2016 alone, around 100 physicians have left Duhok province and gone abroad, and that has reduced the number of physicians in the province. Therefore we are forced to close three hospitals and many other health centers,” Dr. Nizar Ismat, general manager of Duhok health, told Rudaw. “In the first phase, three hospitals in the Zakho and Akre districts are going to be shut down as well as many other health centers and departments from public hospitals in a bid to move their employees to other hospitals,” where they will continue working, Ismat explained. Duhok’s Azadi Teaching Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in the city that has a population of 1.4 million, is also suffering from a lack of physicians.
[size=13]Iraqi president reiterates need for dialogue to resolve internal issues in PUK[/size]
Sulaimani: Iraqi President Fouad Massoum met with the second Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Dr. Barham Salih, on Monday, stressing dialogue to resolve internal issues within the PUK. According to official PUK media, Massoum discussed the relationship between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and internal issues facing the PUK with Salih, who is a member of the PUK central decision. “Issues between the PUK members should be resolved through dialogue,” both sides reiterated. Massoum, who is also a PUK member, held the initial meeting with the First Deputy of the PUK Secretary-General, Kosrat Rasul, on Sunday.

[size=13]Kurdish families with special needs separating due to economic crisis[/size]
About 100 families with people who have special needs, including those with dwarfism, in Iraqi Kurdistan Region are facing separation due to the economic crisis, which is increasing every day. Nearly 10,000 people with special needs receive benefits from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The KRG has failed to provide these benefits properly due to the economic crisis. The head of the Short Statured People’s Association in the Kurdistan Region, Omer Jabar, told NRT on Monday that people with dwarfism are under pressure because the government has failed to provide their monthly benefits properly. “There is a lot of pressure on us, on our members,” Jabar said. “Our members are separating every day. More than 85 people with dwarfism have separated.” Seven organizations which help those with special needs have announced a campaign of assistance, calling on the wealthy and the public in the Kurdistan Region to aid those with disabilities and with dwarfism.
[size=13]Kurdish mine agency says over 7,000 landmines cleared in Iraqi Kurdistan[/size]
The Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency (IKMAA) announced more than 7,000 landmines and improvised explosive devices were defused in the Kurdistan Region over the first four months of 2016. The agency released a statement on its Facebook page on Monday saying the agency’s team defused 5,111 mines and 2,060 improvised explosive devices. The head of IKMAA, Mohammed Ahmed, told the agency’s media that teams continue work despite the economic crisis facing the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). “If the KRG provides a budget and exempts the agency’s teams from the payment system [of reduced salaries], we could accelerate the demining to rid the Kurdistan Region of the danger of mines and IEDs,” Ahmed said.

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