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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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What Vexes Daesh



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What Vexes Daesh

Post by rocky on Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:29 am

What Vexes Daesh

9/7/2016 0:00 

[rtl]Dr.. Karim Chgadl
Karrada again .. I think that we do not need to ask: Why Karrada ?! It is no longer such a question feasible, and every time Daesh gangs adopt crime, and busy people and security agencies on how to occurrence of the security breach, and take additional actions tight, and starts justifications and Tjtahna some of the parties concerned and is concerned with a stream of mutual accusations, have barely Nlmlm horrific explosion that preceded the surgery Eid al-Fitr, and its effects were still fastened, and We are encouraged life gradually return to the place that has become the most populated of the breather in Baghdad, and if Panevjarin new Akhalafan dozens of martyrs and the wounded, what to explain it? Beyond all these stringent security measures that followed the previous bombing, and extreme caution due to target terrorists Karrada?
Where ya see they entered? Where provided? Where was the booby-trapping the two-wheeler? How it passed through the security barriers? Someone will say that some of the bodies in the Baghdad belt warned security forces of infiltration of some Aldoaash with families returning to the liberated cities, and the area around Samarra, suppose that, but how they managed to enter the Karada? Where is our security? Where is the security plan that was specially developed for the Karada? Certainly we are going to say that he did a cowardly and heinous crime targeting innocent civilians, a reaction to the victories achieved by the security forces, but for how long we remain victims of reactions Aldoaash? The real solution? Afford a day to stand in queues security checkpoints, and say it does not matter as long as they are here to protect us, and we are exposed to inspect and accept it with an open mind, and we express our gratitude to the men checkpoints of various Alsnov, to endure from hot and cold and tired and their efforts to protect our security, but sometimes we are forced to ask: what is the point if those efforts did not prevent the two car traffic to the area became the focus of everyone's attention in terms of security? Security forces have intensified in recent efforts to protect Karrada, and sees the actions do not doubt for a moment the occurrence of a new security breach, in contrast, terrorists Daesh determined -aly what Abdo- to target Karrada many reasons no room to run for it, but this time there were two reasons additional pour in Aldaasha media box: the first is to put a damper defying the feelings of the people and embody the spirit sadistic Baltlzz to harm Iraqis who did the evolution of their hearts sadness pages were hundreds of women, children and youth in the criminal bombing earlier that served as revenge for the deaths of terrorists who died, their bodies were in the wilderness. The second security apparatus challenge to penetrate new procedures and destabilize the citizen's confidence and trust, all hurt in the course of faith Aldaashah anti-life, because the Karrada vivid picture of the love of Iraqi lives, they are their joys and rituals season, Carnival festivals, are cultural and popular cafes, restaurants Onassehm, and interfaces costumes, Karrada Iraq miniature either in population or patrons, though dubbed predominantly Shiite, but certainly mix it up a homogeneous community.[/rtl]


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