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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Karrada blast exposes "Alrabiskan" After two months of disqualification "bubblegum detector"



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Karrada blast exposes "Alrabiskan" After two months of disqualification "bubblegum detector"

Post by rocky on Wed 07 Sep 2016, 3:39 am

Karrada blast exposes "Alrabiskan" After two months of disqualification "bubblegum detector"

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

After about two months of "overthrow" device detecting explosives (iDEN), wheels of "Rabiskan" alternative, failed to prevent abloody attack in the same place that caused the disqualification of "bubblegum detector." 
As usual , most of the bombings in Iraq, there was information that may be preceded theincident, witnessed by Karrada in late on Monday, shortly, but that did not prevent thesecond security breach seen in the region since the beginning of July. 
the tendency of the security committee of parliamentary blamed the intelligence agencies , which says it "does not know" to deal precisely with the information. And it renewed its call for the formation of a single point for receiving all security information. 
It is not known so far if it were a bomb that exploded in Karrada, have passed advanced checkpoints recently published in the streets of the capital. 
, Killing seven people and wounding at least 14, in the bombing of bomb believed to be " a car carrying ". He announced the organization Daesh, hours after the incident, claimed responsibility for the attack. 
He said the organization, in a statement released through close to it accounts, that " the process of suicide car bomb struck a gathering of Shiites in the Karrada neighborhood of Baghdad." 
Witnessed the Karrada district, early last July, a suicide bombing killing 250 people and injuring 200 others, and adopted by the organization and was considered the deadliest in Iraq since 2003. the 

non - deterrent measures 
and saw Karrada, on Monday night, according to locals, the spread of foot security forces, deployed shortly before the bombing. 
He said the people of Karrada, for ( range) that the troops on foot searched passers -by in search of a "suicide." 
according to witnesses, the explosion , which carried out a car - style "pick - up" was parked against the Abdul - Majid hospital, targeted a popular cafe in a crowded area with pedestrians and shoppers. 
the lists of the dead and wounded that showed circulated by social networking sites, the ages of the victims ranged between 19 and 40 years. 
investigations are still, according to security officials, continuing to reveal the route taken by the car bomb. 

How have booby - trapped? 
says Fadel Shuli, a member of the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, that " the car bomb may be entered through the present incubator in the Karrada district, or the complicity of one of the security staff in charge of neighborhood outlets. " 
He said local administrator in connection with the (range) yesterday, that" the investigation did not reveal anything until the security cameras did not reveal this clearly . " . He stressed " the need to review theKarrada security file and its officers and the force responsible to protect and intelligence area." 
 As Shuli to invited " to provide new data on the entire population in the Karrada and living in apartments and shopkeepers base." 
After the first bombing, security forces sealed off the Karrada district for several weeks until find a new security measure to prevent recurrence of the incident. And prompted a wave of resentment and indignation folk government to raise the detection manual explosive device, known as (ADE) of Sitarat capital Baghdad. 
He called the Prime Minister, the beginning of last July, the Interior Ministry to speed up the deployment ofwheels (Rabiskan) to detect booby at all entrances of Baghdad and secure the entrances to the provinces . 
, says Fadel Shuwaili "was published Alrabiskan in 90% of Sitarat Baghdad , " but added : "If the car passed on the control and did not disclose, it 's a disaster." 
According to field data that the car bomb has passed one of the wheels Alrabiskan that was set up at theentrance of Karrada , on the one hand intersection Kahramana. 
prior to the publication of wheels detect explosives, Saad al - Sabri, a spokesman for the prime minister 'soffice, said that "cars Alrabiskan not doing detects explosive material, and that its role is focused on detecting foreign objects inside the car, while concentrated manual inspection disclose bomb materials inside the car said" . 
the political parties, notably the Liberal bloc and the governor of Baghdad, has been directed barbs to Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban to impede the deployment of 40 wheel Rabiskan across the capital. 

wheels "Alrabiskan" 
in this context, the MP said Majed al - Gharawi, a member of the security committee of parliamentary, for (long) " the minister Ghaban excuse not to publish auto existence of a technical glitch in the explosives detection process." 
He added Ghraoui "after the Karrada incident we hosted in the security committee of infrastructure official at the Ministry of Interior, and Deputy Minister, has confirmed that the flaw has been processed from thecompany." 
He said a member of Liberal said , "Adnan al - Asadi block, a member of the security committee, who was the senior agent Interior Ministry during the decade - wheel deal, also confirmed avoid error in Alrabiskan by the manufacturer." 
the inspector general of the Interior Ministry had issued last year, issued a statement about the deal (Alrapescan M60) to detect explosives, before entering into Iraq. He noted that "preliminary results of theinvestigation showed the existence of a defect in the technical aspects based on the recommendations of atechnical committee supreme , " pointing out that "practical experience has shown the weakness of efficient appliances." 
He said an inspector of the Ministry of the Interior "has Mqbarh the competent authority at the Ministry ofInterior to provide technical study does not adapted to the nature of the work Alrapescan devices M60 ", adding that" investigations recommended the completion of legal proceedings against one of the local governments for having contracted to buy the number of devices in question directly and without consulting the technically competent in the Interior Ministry. " 
the security committee in Baghdad have confirmed , earlier, that the wheels Alrabiskan not intended to detect explosives. She noted that the effectiveness of the wheels to detect booby "depends on the sense of security in charge of the wheel for the operator." 
According to the security committee of parliamentary van Alrabiskan "to become uncovered car bombs only after he is examined directly , " and confirms the Commission that " the strict inspection of each cars cause the occurrence of massive Zhamat and murmuring citizens. " 
He criticized the MP Majid Ghraoui" mishandling of intelligence ", pointing out that his committee" asked more than once , the establishment of a federal center to collect information rather than loss. "

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