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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 7, 2016



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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 7, 2016

Post by rocky on Wed 07 Sep 2016, 6:30 am

Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 7, 2016
Posted on September 7, 2016 by Editorial Staff in Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief
[size=13]Kurdistan Teachers’ Union warns of halt to education amid salary delays[/size]
Sulaimani: The Kurdistan Teachers’ Union warned educators would not join the new academic year if Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) failed to respond to teachers’ requirements. The Deputy Head of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union, Ata Ahmed, told NRT on Tuesday the members of the union’s secretary bureau held a meeting and released a statement following the discussion. According to the statement, the union is waiting for a response from a meeting between the union’s secretary bureau and Masoud Barzani. “We assured teachers we would not take part in the new academic year if our requirements were not fulfilled,” the statement said. Ahmed said the union expected teachers to receive their salary before Eid al-Adha, which is on September 11. Otherwise the teachers will spend Eid without money, he added.
[size=13]Ala Talabani: There is no split, but differences within the PUK[/size]
Sulaimani: Member of the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK Ala Talabani rejected describing the new decision-making body that was announced within the party as splition, noting that it was a difference in the ideas about the party administration, according to her. She said in a press statement on Sunday that “the new decision-making body announced by Barham Salih and Kosrat Rasool is not a split, but the cause of platforms and ideas,” expressing regret that this is happening now with Jalal Talabani, the head of the party leadership and he is sick. She pointed out that the PUK has a leadership, and Hero Ibrahim, is one of the leadership, but the other party wants to commercialize it like an issue with it, which is not the case. |

[size=13]Kurdistan Islamic Group calls for meeting with PUK, Gorran and KIU[/size]
Sulaimani: The Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) called for a meeting with the Change Movement (Gorran), the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) to discuss the political and economic crises in the region. A member of the KIG Political Council told NRT on Tuesday the KIG has sent a request to the parties for a meeting to announce their stance on the crises. “Only Gorran has expressed a willingness to hold the meeting,” the KIG member said. The PUK said they would not be able to hold a meeting due to internal issues within the party, the council member noted. The KIU also replied that it was not the proper time to hold a meeting between the four parties.
[size=13]More employees go on strike in Sulaimani due to salary delays[/size]
Sulaimani: A number of Sulaimani Bank employees went on strike on Tuesday, calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay their salaries. Employees from branch no. 1 of Sulaimani Bank demonstrated and announced a strike over the continuing delay in salaries and austerity measures by the KRG. “We are just calling for our salaries and many families have been separate due to a lack of payment,” an employee told NRT. “We can’t live only from air. The government only pays us a quarter of our salaries and we have to spend that on our debt.” “We don’t even have money for the hospital,” the employee continued, shouting. “But if an official got sick he would go abroad from oil money.” Employees from the local office of taxation and revenue as well as from the housing taxation directorate also went on strike on Monday, refusing to return until they have received their full salaries.
[size=13]KDP deputy : PUK issues not related to Kurdish parties[/size]
A Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) deputy in the Iraqi parliament stated that tensions inside the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) are internal and are not related to other Kurdish parties in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. Muhesen al-Saadon told al-Tejah Press that tensions in the PUK are private and within the party and are not related to other political parties in the autonomous region in the north of Iraq. He further expressed his hope that all rival sides in the PUK will be able to settle differences and reach agreement.
[size=13]Traffic police employees go on strike in Sulaimani[/size]
Sulaimani: Employees from the traffic police department in Sulaimani city of Iraqi Kurdistan went on strike Wednesday and called for their delayed salaries to be paid. The employees of the General Directorate of Traffic in Sulaimani called on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to pay their wages before the Eid al-Adha holiday, which starts on September 12, NRT reported. One employee told NRT that he and most of his colleagues are struggling financially in the days leading up to the holiday, during which families usually buy and exchange gifts. “We are also part of the Ministry of the Interior,” the man said. “Why do Asayish (security forces) receive their salary but not us?” “If we don’t receive our money, no traffic officer will be on the streets this Eid, no matter what happens.” |
[size=13]Iraqi Kurdistan govt resumes payment to its students in foreign universities[/size]
Erbil: The Kurdistan Region’s Council of Ministers has decided to allocate half a million US dollars monthly to its prestigious scholarship program in order to pay unpaid installments to its students abroad. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) introduced the Human Capacity Development Program (HCDP) in 2010. Since then, some 4,350 have received scholarships to study at prestigious universities abroad. “From now on, this $500,000 that will be transferred to the HCDP bank account will be distributed according to a list of the program’s participants,” Dr. Jwan Jalal Sharif, director general in charge of students abroad and cultural relations, told Rudaw, adding that the decision was made after serious efforts from the program’s finance committee.
[size=13]UN delivers aid to over 30,000 besieged people in northern Iraq[/size]
United Nations: The World Food Program (WFP) has delivered food for more than 30,000 people in and around the northern Iraqi town of Qayyarah which was under siege over the last two years, said a UN spokesperson on Tuesday. Stephane Dujarric told a daily briefing that the food rations will provide enough food for the besieged people for a full month. “The people of Qayyarah had been living under siege for two years and are suffering extreme hunger with scarce access to food supplies. Reaching them with life-saving food assistance is a very positive step forward,” said Sally Haydock, WFP Iraq Country Director.
[size=13]Ukraine to open consulate in Erbil[/size]
Erbil: Ukraine intends to open a consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan capital of Erbil in the near future, its ambassador to Iraq announced. Anatolii Marynts, announced his country’s decision in a meeting with the Kurdish Minister of Foreign Relations, Falah Mustafa, according to a statement published by the ministry on Tuesday. “The Ambassador expressed his government’s desire to further broaden ties with the Kurdistan Region in various fields,” reads the statement. Mustafa welcomed the ambassador’s decision, hoping it will “be a stepping stone in establishing and broadening political, cultural, educational, and commercial ties between Kurdistan and Ukraine,” reads the statement. |

[size=13]French artillery arriving on Mosul frontlines[/size]
Mosul: Artillery from France is arriving at the frontlines in the war against Islamic State in Iraq and a French aircraft carrier is preparing to leave for the Middle East in advance of the operation to retake Mosul, the French Defense Minister announced on Tuesday. “We decided to bolster our support of the Iraqi forces this autumn, with the aim of recapturing Mosul,” Jean-Yves Le Drian stated at a meeting of military officials in Paris. “At this very moment, artillery is arriving close to the frontline.” France was the first country to join US-led airstrikes in Iraq in September 2014. French special forces are on the ground in both Iraq and Syria and France has provided arms and supplies to Syrian rebel groups and the Peshmerga.
[size=13]Baghdad-Erbil talks run under US supervision: MP[/size]
Baghdad: The latest talks held between Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation and senior officials in Baghdad in late August were under the direct supervision of US, Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament says. MP Sirwan Sirini told BasNews on Tuesday that the US Ambassador to Iraq supervised the meetings held on August 29th, between the KRG delegation and Baghdad officials to discuss the current issues existing between the two sides. The Kurdish official revealed that all the crucial decisions by Baghdad and Erbil are made under the US supervision. He added that KRG remains in talks with Baghdad and tries to settle the issues through dialogue and mutual understanding until Kurdistan Region decides its secession from Iraq.

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