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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US pulls directing "anti-terrorism" from Qayyarah to coincide with the formation of a "crowd of Nine



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US pulls directing "anti-terrorism" from Qayyarah to coincide with the formation of a "crowd of Nine

Post by rocky on Thu 08 Sep 2016, 3:33 am

US pulls directing "anti-terrorism" from Qayyarah to coincide with the formation of a "crowd of Nineveh"

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Places the United States, which is expected tobe involved ground forces, detailed touches to the battle to liberate Mosul despite differences mounting on the date of its launch and those who will participate in it. 
Two weeks after the cessation of military operations south of Mosul, got (range), information on the American side to withdraw Device " counter - terrorism ", who was heavily involved in the liberation ofQayyarah last month, to the rear lines. 
mysterious procedure attributed by some parties to pursue the American side to the order of military forces before the start of military operations. But the other parties likely to be due to a dispute over the participation of the popular crowd, especially with the recent confirmation of the prime minister 's role in the upcoming battle. 
In this context, the governor of Nineveh province plans to make a visit to Baghdad to discuss the prime minister on the necessary preparations. This comes stuck with the Nineveh provincial council by refusing toenter the "crowd" in Mosul, denying the need for pushing additional troops. On the 
other hand accuse supporters of the crowd opponents implementation Daesh agendas, and to stand against the "Shiite Nineveh." As supporters criticize the participation of the crowd slowdown combined forces in theliberation of hand Qayyarah. 
He was calm has returned to the front south of Mosul, after the liberation of Qayyarah, in 25 of last August.But local officials stressed that it stop thoughtful. 
And managed to Iraqi forces from entering the Qayyarah after heavy shelling of the city center lasted 48 hours. And monitoring observers prevalent thick of the bodies of fighters Daesh in the streets of the city, pointing out that most of the dead were from the people of terms. The 
role of the international coalition 
and reveals Hassan al- Sabawi, a member of the Nineveh council who inhabit his tribe south of Mosul areas, " The fighting stopped after the liberation of Qayyarah due to the presence of a vision of the coalition forces on the liberalization of Mosul process. " 
He revealed Sabawi, told the (range), that" the coalition withdrawn recently, anti - terrorism forces to Qayyarah Airport for the redeployment of forces again. " 
but a member of the Nineveh provincial council did not rule out the existence of political motives behind the move , referring to the expansion of the controversy about the identification of the bodies that will be involved in the process. 
the local official said that " the governor of Nineveh resides in Baghdad and will hold a meeting with the Prime Minister about the preparations for the battle of Mosul , " revealing "near the starting operations again toward ] advice area." 
Iraqi officials They have denied, in conversations (range) recently, and there is agreement on the parties that will participate in the liberation of Mosul identity, and how the city administration after the defeat Daesh. the 
officials pointed out that the US side is " the owner of gravity in the decision," stressing that it manages negotiations between the parties to the crowd People, government, and the side of the Kurdish, in addition to mobilizing Najafi. 
the new Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Tuesday, confirmed the participation of the popular crowd in theliberation of the city of Mosul from the control of the organization Daesh operations. 
Ebadi said, during a press conference in Baghdad, said that "our entry into Mosul aims primarily to save thepeople and not only to liberate the land , "stressing that" the Commission will be involved editing the popular crowd the city. " 
controversy over the participation of the crowd 
but Abnaan Jarba, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, he expressed surprise at the government 'sinsistence on payment of the popular crowd at the battle of Mosul. Denying that the prime minister had discussed the issue with the Council of Nineveh province , during their last meeting in Baghdad. 
He said Jarba, in connection with the (range) yesterday, said that " the provincial council does not have any official Report with the participation of the crowd in Mosul." He pointed out that " The Council has taken anearlier decision to refuse entry into the crowd to Mosul." 
It demands Jarba that "leaves the opportunity for the people of Nineveh to liberate their cities , " he said , adding "the existence of 15 thousand volunteers have been Qublohm within the body the popular crowd." 
In the opinion of Nineveh member of the "Engaging people crowd in the liberation of Mosul could disrupt therestoration of the city and possibly cause Boukrouk against the population. " He said that "not to make way for the city 's residents to liberate their areas will expose them to the charge and escape from responsibility." 
He says Jarba " The army and police forces and volunteers of the tribes are able to edit Mosul, especially with the liberalization of 40% of the territory of the province." 
Force the people of Mosul was 
announced, the National Security Adviser and Head Authority popular crowd Faleh al - Fayad, on Tuesday, thestart of the popular crowd to the province of Nineveh. 
, said Fayad, at a joint news conference with the governor of Nineveh Nofal Akub, "it was complete fighters who numbered 15 thousand people of the province all the components to form a crowd conservative who will be part of the formations Authority popular crowd, which grew out of it private Diwani Authority. " 
He said the national security adviser that" the responsibility of a crowd of Mosul will be managed by thegovernor after the liberation. " And mortgage - Fayad post crowd Najafi liberation of Mosul joining the crowd of Mosul , the problem of the people of the province. 
Former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki has said that the exception to the popular crowd regain Mosul operations Daesh as a "conspiracy." 
Turn nostalgic Qaddo, MP networking for Mosul, says "participation of the crowd in Thariralamousel hasbecome a foregone conclusion , " stressing " the seriousness of the entry of Iraqi forces without the support of the crowd." 
He added Qaddo, in an interview with the (range) yesterday, that the "popular crowd proved in more than amilitary operation that is able to edit cities shortly without losses , "while criticizing Qaddo edit Qayyarah process that says that it" lasted for three months and with the help of coalition forces and clans. " 
accuse MP networking opposition parties to share the crowd restoration of Mosul as" killing and displacement Turkmen, Shabak Shiites from Mosul. " 
confirms MP for Nineveh that" refusal those actors behind the desire for the continuation of the agenda Daesh against Shiites in Mosul. " He noted that the "popular crowd will keep supporting the military forces stronger, but it will intervene if they fail to restore Mosul."

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