BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq was considered for the Security and Defense Committee memberof the parliamentary Iskandar and berries, on Thursday, the Turkish president 's remarks and his insistence on the participation of his country 's troops battle of Mosul as disregard and contempt for an entity of the Iraqi state, as the government called for an end to those Alanthakat.oukal and berries in a press statement today: that "Erdogan 's comments and his insistence on theparticipation of its forces battle of Mosul disregard for diplomatic and political norms and irreverence entity of the Iraqi state , " adding that "His statement did not exceed the hours to confirm the commander in chief of the armed forces Haider al - Abadi to involve the popular crowdthe battle of Mosul . " He added that " as a pretext Erdogan protecting Turkmens who are in Tal Afar , a flimsy argument because it is not Bossi them but are Iraqis and the federal government toprovide protection for them and we have enough forces to manage the battle and make it a success without foreign aid , "pointing out that" crossed all the red lines and the Abadi to put an end to this blatant interference and recklessness big ".oaaln Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that Turkey would expand the scope of military operations in Iraq and Syria, and ispreparing to sign an editorial process , Mosul , under the pretext of protection of Turkmen in Tal Afar.