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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Hawks cell stresses, assistant to the Euphrates killed in Daesh "a Saudi national" Anbar



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Hawks cell stresses, assistant to the Euphrates killed in Daesh "a Saudi national" Anbar

Post by rocky on Sat 10 Sep 2016, 2:32 am

[ltr]Hawks cell stresses, assistant to the Euphrates killed in Daesh "a Saudi national" Anbar[/ltr]

 Since 09/09/2016 19:30 (Baghdad time)
[ltr]BAGHDAD - balances News[/ltr]
[ltr]The Interior Ministry announced on Friday the deaths of 100 items from the organization Daesh terrorist leaders, including aerial bombardment of the planes the Air Force in coordination with cell hawks in Anbar.[/ltr]
[ltr]The ministry said in a statement, received / balances News /, a copy of it, "after depending on God and intensify intelligence effort field in cities Dnsthe Daesh gangs and identify strategic objectives affecting the activities of the enemy in the regions (based, Akashat, curse, Rawa, a steamroller wet) after completion of the study objectives and analyzed and that ended the champions hawks intelligence cell functions issued writ of execution has been assigned hawks Iraqi air force heroes implementation to be seen driving a plane F16 type on 6 September 2016 the ground to shake under the feet of terrorists and spark their hideouts reimbursed 11 strike within those areas targeted sites senior leadership to the criminals and the content of the killing machine of the innocent of suicide vests, ammunition, weapons, explosive devices and additives for Angmasien and suicide bombers. "[/ltr]
[ltr]The statement added that "the strikes that killed more than 100 terrorists, including assistant to the Euphrates Saudi nationality resident of Jeddah and is one of the most prominent immigrants in the state, the official Alangmasien resident of Fallujah, one of the executors of the execution of Shaheed Mostafa virgins and was suspended in Boca and housing after his escape of Fallujah in the existing Tanak neighborhood, "pointing to the deaths of" Arab suicide bombers, an official from the Syrian resident of Salah al-Din / Baiji, the media and the administrator of the mandate of Anbar and transmission write Aladnana resident of Qadisiyah was suspended with Abu Mohammad al-Adnani in Bucca and close it. "[/ltr]
[ltr]She explained the ministry, according to the statement, that the strikes also killed, "the military official in Khalidiya Island, withdrew from Khalidiyah to Rawa were killed during the air strikes were buried in the Qadisiyah district, an official transfer terrorists and wheels to the front lines of the inhabitants of Rawa fugitive from Badush prison, as well as for booty official - Iraqi citizenship, "stressing" the killing of Privacy Faruq processing of the inhabitants of Anbar official Bu Mari runaway district of Abu Ghraib prison, and an expert on / modern leading to the Ein al-Assad roads and fugitive from Abu Ghraib prison, was suspended in Boca, in addition to the Emir of confidentiality Farouk boycotted battalion Tabuk Rawa Saudi nationality. "[/ltr]
[ltr]The statement pointed to "a battalion concrete official killed, and is equipped with explosive belts, rockets, and the Prince detachment of security and his assistant, the official cloak to spend a curse, as well as the age of a terrorist 40-year resident of the existing neighborhood of tin Egyptian nationality of the family of a criminal al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri," noting that "the terrorist was killed by the inhabitants of Ramadi, about 25 years old, and a Alangmasien in what is called the state of the Euphrates."[/ltr]
[ltr]The statement continued, "the strikes have killed a terrorist involved in many criminal operations against innocent people and terrorists from the people of Mosul, and a soldier in the battalion Alangmasien, in addition to the Iraqi terrorist nicknamed" .anthy 29/9 P[/ltr]


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