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Iranian Kurdish faction receives military training at the hands of "Americans"



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Iranian Kurdish faction receives military training at the hands of "Americans"

Post by rocky on Sat 10 Sep 2016, 4:06 am

Iranian Kurdish faction receives military training at the hands of "Americans"

Friday 09-09-2016 | 7:16:13

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Twilight News / received fighters Iranian Kurdish opposition party, exercises the arms and the use of explosives, at the hands of US and European military advisers, part of an international program to support the Kurds in the war against al "Daesh" terrorist in Iraq fighters, as narrated by the military wing of the party for "The Associated commander Press ".
"Kurdistan Freedom" party, one of many Kurdish factions carried out attacks this year in Iran, prompting Iranian forces to launch a crackdown against the party. The party also involved in the fighting on the side of Iraq against al-Kurd "Daesh" terrorist in northern Iraq.
Training is another twist in a complex network of alliances and rivalries, which emerged from the war in Iraq and Syria. Iran is also a strong supporter of the Iraqi government and Shiite militias that have been fighting against the "Daesh" terrorist.
It seems that the Iranian faction found its way into training under the umbrella of the Iraqi Kurdish forces. But no training for the opposition Iranians, even if indirectly through the war against al "Daesh" terrorist, could be of concern to Tehran, which is still vicious adversary of the United States and its allies in the region, although common motivation for fighting insurgents in Iraq, and despite the nuclear deal It reached last year.
Speaking to the "Associated Press", the commander of the military wing of the Freedom Party of Kurdistan, said Hussein decorated with us, he understands that the training was to fight the organization "Daesh" terrorist, adding, "They are helping us and Adrpununa within the framework of the war against Daesh."
But his party would continue its attacks in Iran, pointing out that the fight against "Daesh" terrorist, has never been a substitute for the struggle against the Iranian government. He pointed out that his party carried out six attacks inside Iran this year alone.
Iranians and Kurds waged an intermittent insurgency in the majority Kurdish areas of northwest Iran near the Iraqi border, and complain of discrimination by Iran against them and demanding the independence of the Kurds.
This year has seen a significant increase in attacks and clashes between the guerrillas and Iranian security forces, including the elite forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which led to casualties on both sides, as Iranian forces shelled Kurdish positions inside Iraq in response to the attacks. What prompted the leaders of the Iraqi Kurdistan region may request from the Iranian Kurdish factions to stop any operations against Iran from Iraqi territory.
The main faction who committed the greatest violence is the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, which also evaluates its bases in Iraq, but he is not involved in the fighting against al "Daesh" terrorist, and also has not received any international training.
And The coalition led by the United States, the training of Iraqi Kurdish fighters to fight against al "Daesh" terrorist, even before the invasion of regulation northern, western and central Iraq, the summer of 2014.
Julio Makari did not deny, a spokesman for the alliance, which the United States led in the city of Erbil forces, in an interview with "The Associated Press," that the party received training, saying that he may have been trained since the Western advisers, they offered help under the control of the ministry Kurdish forces . He stressed that the alliance did not choose groups that will be trained.
But decorated with Us, he said: "There is no doubt that coaches knew who we Fmqatlo Kurdistan Freedom Party, dressed in clothing similar to the Kurdish Peshmerga, but the party's slogan is orange and white."
He pointed out that the guerrillas have received three rounds of training at the hands of US advisers, in the period between March and September 2015 on the front lines, where deployed central province of Kirkuk. Then he got Hezbollah fighters on other training programs at a later date along with Kurdish fighters Iraqis others. Hezbollah fighters were able to control about 15 square kilometers of land on the front lines west of the city of Kirkuk, as well as some of the sites east of the city of Mosul.
The Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Training at the Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Regional Government, Maj. Gen. Kerman Kamal Omar, that American advisers conducted training on the front line in Kirkuk.
When asked whether "the Kurdistan Freedom" party among the groups that received training, he said that all units at the site participated in the training without discrimination. The training included infantry tactics and weapons delivery and demining.
Major Josh Jack, the name of the US Central Command, which oversees the war against al "Daesh" terrorist, said on Wednesday morning, he was "not aware of the central leadership to conduct any training for the militia, the Kurdistan Freedom Party."
A senior official in the US Department of Defense, said that the training and arming directs troops fighting organization "Daesh" terrorist, is not used in conflicts or fights with other countries. These militias and get equipment and ammunition they need to fight, and so it is not expected that these weapons are used in other battles.
Officials specific details on "the Kurdistan Freedom" guerrillas did not give, was not clear whether the coalition will continue to train his fighters if it turns out that they use it in the clashes inside Iran or not against the elements of the organization "Daesh" terrorist, and officials spoke of "Associated Press" on condition of disclose their identities because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

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