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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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ICC reveal "Daesh" plans to deploy in Baghdad belt areas



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ICC reveal "Daesh" plans to deploy in Baghdad belt areas

Post by rocky on Sun 11 Sep 2016, 6:59 am

[ltr]ICC reveal "Daesh" plans to deploy in Baghdad belt areas[/ltr]
BAGHDAD / ... revealed specialized issues of terrorism and organized crime in Baghdad 's Central Criminal Court. today is Wednesday. For reaching reorganization of its investigation into the terrorist Daesh arranging his papers in a belt areas of thecapital. Pointing out that it is exploiting orchards and farms interlaced by turning them into "additive" to its elements, especially suicide bombers. As well as the establishment of training and rehabilitation camps for his fighters.
He said a judge specializing in terrorism report. Published by "eliminating" seen by "Eye Iraq News". " The abuse organizing Daesh in choosing dens its own mechanism , whether temporary or permanent , known as (additive) differed fromwhat it was in the past."
"The organization was in the past resorted to renting houses, where terrorists live with their families in order not to attract attention , and home to the suicide bombers or bombs , wheels and leaves after the attack." Noting that "this technique was based since 2009 and until 2014 , when the fall of Mosul and other provinces , however , the terrorists and the resulting losses suffered he lost his balance on all fronts."
He said the judge. That "terrorists are currently taken by resorting to spending and placements under the ground." Pointing out that " the information we have indicatethe presence of additives numbers are not uncommon in Baghdad belt areas pose a clear threat to the security of the capital."
On the reason for choosing organization of areas the outskirts of Baghdad. Between "being lax security, rather than the military deployment dramatically detent andthe lack of ground troops and not being able to penetrate to the orchards." Msttrda that " the terrorist organization exploits the heavy presence of the palm as a barrierin front of first spotted by aircraft. And then the citrus trees."

The judge promised. "These two Alguetaian is like a thick barrier that separates who were inside the orchards for monitoring aircraft and Air Force march."Adding that "terrorists are taking bigger in order to avoid any breach of reserves. In the morning hiding in the trenches. And setting up tents for the night to sleep in."
" The suicide bomber survival in these additives not long for fear of arrest , but is moving between more than Walker for the purpose of camouflage." Stressing that "the orchards , which are located primarily basically south and north of the capital insured by the organization. Having deliberately on mining the roads leading tothem for fear of any ground attack may beyond the pale."
And the ownership of these farms and orchards. He said that "most of them havenot been reached on the owners because they dropped out because of the security situation and migrated out of the country. Thus became under the control ofterrorists without the presence of those who demand it." Noting that "areas on theborder of the northern capital has been fully edited , but security forces pulled outand did not prove who holds the land later what made ​​the re - organization of the activity through the introduction of additives and dens."
He continued. "Security vacuum in the areas behind the fence , DC These areas form the seam between two areas of military bases belonging to the army , each ofwhich claims to be the other 's responsibility." Adding that " the terrorist organization took advantage of that and the foundations of some of the spending being desert areas he can build on them."
He called terrorism judge in the court to "undertake military campaign urgent and quick to clear orchards Baghdad belt additives Daesh and the introduction ofcheckpoints close to each other within those orchards to prevent the return to terrorist organizations." Noting that " the District Court investigative efforts to gather information from those orchards have helped in the murder of about a dozen suicide bombers were trying to target Baghdad during the month of Ramadan."
from his side. Said another judge of the Court. According to the report. "Many wanted terrorists arrested in accordance with the memorandums issued by thecompetent courts hiding in Baghdad belt areas." Explaining that " the seriousnessof the survival of farms and orchards in this case those areas without conducting quality for the sake of security has been imposed."
He pointed out that "it is correct to say that the Iraqi military forces engaged in all its different forms in the liberation of Nineveh, Anbar and Salahuddin battles. But this does not mean leaving the capital without security precautions." He urged " theimposition of control means eliminating the risk of terrorist attacks from Baghdad very high rates, especially at the level of explosions by suicide bombers."
The investigating judge terrorism. " The farms and orchards no longer contain additives , but also the headquarters and training camps for fighters should move immediately to it." Past by saying that "these areas prepared by the terrorist organization a safe haven for fugitives from Anbar battles after the painful losses that they had received on those fronts."
He pointed out that " the District Court in Baghdad information about what ishappening in Baghdad belt areas. On the executive bodies to take a role in addressing these dangers."
This is not the first time that a court warning of the dangers "Daesh" gangs on Baghdad. Judges recently has revealed them to reach the main sources of fundingfor terrorism, particularly its dependence on fish yields hundreds of lakes north of the capital. It ended 2

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