Arbil / News Network Iraq declared leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said his party receives Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's remarks on the oil normally sell as they pop up from the internal differences that plague them, pointing out that the Union, as well as a partner for democracy in the sale of the oil region, it sells oil through the tanks to their account Acial.oukal section XII of the Democrat official in Kirkuk Fadel emblems in remarks to the site of his party Aaleom: "the party does not hold any reproach and censure of the Patriotic Union, because in recent days because of a split wing" center of decision ", most of the words that wanted democratic that the decision center wing is said and them that because of the leadership of the Federation Hiro message Ibrahim Ahmed, the export of oil has stopped for five months and they decided to control local resources for the provinces of Sulaimaniyah and Halabja including Bashammakh crossing and not send it to Arbil, democratic and download says the responsibility of the disappearance of the amounts and thus come to light all the facts to the people of the Kurdistan region, "according to Colh.oadav emblems that" the Union partner in the sale of oil province and that he is out of oil contracts by sending tanks from the Kirkuk oil to the export Bashammakh crossing into Iran and go and imports to the Union itself and not to the provincial government, noting that the Union partner in the oil Bhstin in exchange for one share of a democratic ".ofatt that" democratic sells oil through the government only believes in its employees' salaries, adding that the EU as well as its participation in the government and fully briefed to sell oil, it sells oil from Kirkuk through the tank and imports go into his pocket, "as he put it.