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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 15, 2016



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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 15, 2016

Post by rocky on Thu 15 Sep 2016, 4:08 am

Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 15, 2016
Posted on September 15, 2016 by Editorial Staff in Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief
[size=13]US Deputy Secretary of State arrives in Iraqi Kurdistan capital[/size]
Erbil: The United States Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Iraqi Kurdistan capital city of Erbil on Thursday to discuss the war against Islamic State (IS) and the humanitarian crisis in the region. The state department official is accompanied by the US President’s special envoy to the coalition fighting IS, Brett McGurk, and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, Joseph Pennington. Blinken’s visit follows a meeting with Iraqi government officials in Baghdad, including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Speaker of Parliament Salim al-Jabouri, on Wednesday. A State Department press release on Wednesday said Blinken will meet the Massoud Barzani along with other senior regional government officials. |
[size=13]No tensions between KDP and PUK in Kirkuk, KDP official says[/size]

Kirkuk: A KDP Peshmerga commander Kamal Kirkuki has rejected the reports that are claiming Kurdish forces, affiliated with KDP and PUK parties, are rallying against each other over disputes pertaining to oil in Kirkuk province. Kirkuki said on Wednesday that the claims are baseless and Kurdish forces are committed to their duties in one united front. Calling the allegations as “sedition”, Kirkuki believes those who provoke such claims are hoping to fish in troubled waters. “Last night until the dawn, I was on the frontline and every thing was just as normal,” the Kurdish commander told Snour Media, noting that the Kurdish forces are working together all in a united team. Following the resumption of oil exports jointly by Erbil and Baghdad last week, unconfirmed reports claimed that Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have mobilized forces over the oil-related disputes in the oil-rich province of Kirkuk. |
[size=13]Iraqi FM says referendum on Kurdistan independence must be held within the framework of the constitution[/size]
London: Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said a referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region must be held within the framework of the Iraqi constitution. “Such a matter must be according to Iraqis and constitutionally binding by the country,” Jaafari told NRT when asked about the Iraqi government’s position on the referendum. Jaafari, in response to the issue of the proposed independence of the Kurdistan Region, spoke of the place Kurds currently have in Iraq. “Kurds have always had a significant role in Iraq,” Jaafari said. “After the Ba’ath Regime Kurds have taken the position of the president of Iraq, the ultimate post, and they are a part of the country.” |
[size=13]Finland to deploy additional military advisors to Iraqi Kurdistan[/size]
Erbil: Kurdish Peshmerga officials said Wednesday that Finland’s Ministry of Defense has ordered up to 50 additional advisors to Iraq’s Kurdistan Region to train and assist forces in the war against the Islamic State (IS), boosting Finland’s involvement in the battle against Sunni extremists. Another 50 Finnish advisors are already operating in the Kurdistan Region since 2015, assisting Peshmerga troops in combat missions. Kurdish military commander Sirwan Barzani, who is currently visiting Helsinki, told Rudaw that the additional Finnish troops will be deployed “in the near future,” without giving a detailed timeframe. “We have also asked our Finnish partners for logistical assistance and to receive our wounded Peshmerga soldiers,” Barzani said.

[size=13]A Peshmerga killed in Islamic State bombing on Bashiqa[/size]
Mosul: A Peshmerga, Latif Qadir, has been killed in an Islamic State (IS) bombing of the Kurdish Peshmerga frontline in Bashiqa on Wednesday evening. Hamid Afandi, in charge of the Peshmerga forces on the Bashiqa frontline, told Rudaw, “On the Bashiqa frontline because of the IS attack, a Peshmerga from the 7th brigade of the Ministry of Peshmerga was killed on Wednesday.” “At 6:30 pm on Wednesday, a Peshmerga was injured by an IS attack on the frontline. He was sent to Erbil and some hours later he died,” Afandi added. Latif Qadir was from Batasa town in the Soran district. Bashiqa town is located northeast of Mosul. Peshmerga have been fighting IS along the frontline in the Bashiqa area for two years.
[size=13]US provides $181 million in additional humanitarian assistance to Iraq[/size]
Washington: The United States is providing more than $181 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the Iraqi people to address critical humanitarian needs, including those expected to occur with Iraq’s planned military offensive to liberate Mosul from Islamic State (IS) occupation. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken announced this new funding today, bringing U.S. humanitarian assistance for Iraqis to nearly $1.1 billion since FY 2014. The humanitarian assistance supports the operations of the United Nations, other international organizations, and non-governmental organizations to help respond to one of the fastest-growing displacement crises in the world. The United States remains committed to supporting the Government of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Regional Government, in their response to the humanitarian crisis, as well as supporting the Iraqi people during their time of need. |

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