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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Police Officers Are Ambushed In Two Cities As Liberals Embrace Black Lives Matter And Anarchists Lik



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Police Officers Are Ambushed In Two Cities As Liberals Embrace Black Lives Matter And Anarchists Lik

Post by Lobo on Sat 17 Sep 2016, 3:22 pm

Police Officers Are Ambushed In Two Cities As Liberals Embrace Black Lives Matter And Anarchists Like Colin Kaepernick.
Submitted by IWB, on September 17th, 2016

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by Pamela Williams
There is a guerrilla war being fought in the streets against our Men and Women in Blue. As an American citizen who values our Police, I wonder how long they will continue to work in this hostile environment.
On Friday night Police were ambushed in two separate cities:  Philadelphia and Fort Worth.  It appears they were intentional hate crimes against Police Officers.  No wonder the National Police Union has endorsed Donald Trump as President…they know who will have their back.
As liberals continue to praise groups like Black Lives Matter and anarchists like Colin Kaepernick, crimes against our Police will continue.  It is hard to believe that Obama met with the leaders of Black Lives Matter in the White House.  Our own President is reinforcing the message of a hate group working against our Police Officers.
The Hill reports that “ Police officers shot in Philly, Fort Worth”:
Police officers were shot in separate incidents Friday night in Philadelphia and Fort Worth, Texas.
Two officers were injured — one critically — and the suspect was killed in Fort Worth, while two officers and four civilians were hit in Philadelphia before the suspect was killed.
The Philadelphia incident began when a man walked up to an officer on the street and opened fire, according to NBC Philadelphia. The suspect then shot four civilian passers-by as he was chased through the streets.
A second officer was then shot when the suspect was chased into an alley, at which point the suspect was shot.
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said a letter found at the scene contained an anti-policed message, specifically naming a parole officer as a target.
The two officers shot in the incident were up and talking Saturday morning. But two of the civilians shot were still in critical condition, having been shot in the chest.
In Fort Worth, the two officers were responding to a suicide call at a house, according to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.
They arrived to find a person unresponsive with a gunshot wound, and were told that a witness was in a backyard shed, so they tried to make contact with that person.
A suspect inside the shed began shooting when they arrived. One officer was in critical condition after being shot several times, while the other had only minor injuries.

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