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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Canadian official: the battle of Mosul have already begun to cut off supplies Daesh



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Canadian official: the battle of Mosul have already begun to cut off supplies Daesh

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Sep 2016, 3:10 am

Canadian official: the battle of Mosul have already begun to cut off supplies Daesh

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

Confirmed the joint operations of the Canadian army commander on Saturday, fell Daesh capabilities as a result of blows theinternational coalition and Iraqi forces, and improve Turkish capacity to prevent the flow of foreign fighters for the organization across its borders with Iraq and Syria. 
While considered that the battle to liberate Mosul has "already begun", he saw that the survival forces his country in Iraq linked to the desire of the Iraqi government. 
Gen. Stephen Bowes, in an interview with local newspaper the Toronto Star Toronto Star, and I followed (range Press), " the organization Daesh what continues to be a threat on the battlefield despite the decline in the flow of foreign militants into Iraq from what it was previously , "adding that" the leadership of theorganization has been shaken by air strikes , the international coalition, as well as other military operations. " 
the military commander of the Canadian, the supervisor of the Canadian forces, that" the military campaign undertaken by Iraqi armed forces and the attribution of the international coalition led by the United States , achieved success on the ground , "noting that" efforts are now moving to isolate the capabilities of theorganization Daesh and isolate it down to dismantle its bases and its networks before moving on to the stage of his defeat. " 
and on a date to launch the battle to liberate Mosul, Bowes said that there are those who" say it would start next week or next year . " adding, "but I say it has already begun through the ongoing military operations now to cut regulation and methods of supply contacts and edit zones and villages adjacent to the connector, because all this is an important creation of the battle of the interval for the liberation of the city stage." 
felt the Canadian official said that " the Turkish government 's actions have improved more to prevent theflow of foreign fighters across the borders of Iraq and Syria, as I said , the proportion of about two thousand per month to less than 50 , "adding that it" will lead to a weakening of the ability of Daesh re himself standings after each end of the battle. " 
Bowes felt that" the survival of the presence of Canadian troops in Iraq after the demise of Daesh and edit Mosul threats depends on the request of the Iraqi government, he said , "when you get any change, the political leadership will have a decision in this regard." 
Furthermore, US military officials revealed on Saturday, the arrival of hundreds of American soldiers to Qayyarah base, to provide logistical support to Iraqi forces in the liberation of Mosul operations, Nineveh province, and pointed to a plan for the rehabilitation of Al - Qaeda and used by coalition aircraft, with expected start of operations and the launch of the zero hour over the next month, and described them as "hard", drew out that current estimates indicate there are about four thousand five hundred element of theorganization (Daesh), within the city. 
he said US military officials, in a press statement, followed up (range press), said that "hundreds of American soldiers have arrived in the south of Mosul , Qayyarah base to support Iraqi forces in the liberation of Mosul operations" , pointing to " the imminent launch major assault to regain the city of Mosul might be next month." 
He said the officials , " the main task of US troops stationed in Qayyarah base will focus on providing logistical support and equipment to Iraqi forces in their offensive to liberate Mosul," pointing to "the existence of efforts to re Qaeda rehabilitation to be able to US aircraft and other coalition countries to build on them to theproximity of Mosul , which is a factor tactically important in the battle. " the 
officials pointed out that" the date of the big operations to liberate Mosul may begin as early as the month ofOctober next first ", arguing that " the battle will be tough universe (Daesh) and since 2014 worked to create defensive shields and the drilling positions," expecting "the existence of between three thousand to 4,500 fighters of the organization within the city."

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