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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Midwife reappear again in Mosul and compete maternity hospitals



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Midwife reappear again in Mosul and compete maternity hospitals

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Sep 2016, 3:17 am

Midwife reappear again in Mosul and compete maternity hospitals

Midwife profession that ceased to exist years ago after the development of health services back to Mosul again to compete maternity hospitals despite a decline in the costs oftreatment, and the reasons associated withcontrol of the organization "Daesh" of the city.
Above the iron bed stuck the wall of a small room overlooking the side of the road has been closed her window tightly to obscure vision and reduce the force of intense screaming to the popular district in the center of Mosul, RIM and placed her fourth severe dyslexia. 
chose Rim (25 years) , this time to give birth by a midwife, and encouraged by some of her relatives who Sbaknha to this experience that looks new generation youth. 
say RIM in a telephone interview in which her ​​voice mingled with screaming baby, "I never plan to give birth this way , but I found myself compelled, when I felt the pain of labor went twice to the hospital (Virgin) ,which put the three children, but the doctors refused to meet me under the pretext that date I was born wasnot yet ripe. " 
" not Alamadtarat like me turn to this solution, there are other women who have become viable their choice first, "she adds 
services in maternity hospitals in Mosul has dropped significantly where there is a clear lack in the number ofphysicians are competent cadre Central, due to displacement and displacement at the hands of militants "Daesh" militants. Official statistics released by the Directorate of Health Nineveh refers to the displacement of about 30% of doctors and nurses in the first six months to control the organization of the city, and itseems that the percentage has increased in the post. 
Sacrificed Mahmoud this pseudonym for one of the most famous doctors Mosaliat specialists in obstetrics says that " the most prominent 15 doctors and a doctor in the jurisdiction of Obstetrics and Gynecology left the city, along with a group of doctors of anesthesia and their assistants, and most of the nurses working in hospitals birth was Tahjarhn by Daesh with their families, because they are Christians or networking component. " the 
problem exacerbated the Ministry of Higher Education and the Iraqi Council of the terms of reference Medical closed training centers in Mosul , and quoted residents of the senior trainees to training centers in theKurdistan region or under federal government control, causing a severe shortage of medical specialists, also did not receive the hospitals and health centers doctors as new to stop the study in medical schools tomaintain since June 2014 . 
although Mosul has seven hospitals , two Taat_khasassan obstetric and gynecology, but the number ofpatients is greater than the capacity of medical staff, number of the city 's population more than currently (1.5) million, and the rate of reproduction , including high according Nineveh Health figures indicate that therate has not declined in light of this exceptional circumstance, "there is more than 200 births a day , including (50) carried out caesarean section." 
Fortunately for RIM that a natural birth, so it carried a small bag stuffed with clothes the child is expected and walked behind her husband , such as slowing duck Macllh Psoad veil imposed Daesh on women, has emerged as her stomach which swelled Kalpalon and left behind her mother, got in their car to a modest home mediates Alzenjla neighborhood. 
entered the small room , which was a shop modest, where Astqublthma grinning Um Ali , a woman mourning, and then she said, look at the rim , which blanch her face and put her hand on her stomach in pain: "Lie down on the bed and not be afraid , things will be easy, here generated dozens of women, and the mothers and grandmothers were childless in homes until recently." the 
pair insisted on staying in front of the closed window of the room in a state of alert for any an emergency, this is their first experience with Alkablh.andma began screaming rim beyond the window heard him her husband and neighbors, everyone is confused , but Um Ali does not heed the order and left the room quietly to her husband with a disability who needs help from time to time. 
Um Ali sustaining family of six, her husband 's family helpless and sons are unemployed, an employee at theVirgin maternity hospital and works two days a week in exchange for a low salary does not exceed 50 dollars pay her the self - financing of the hospital, so you have to practice in Menzlha.tmh a lot of times these women they became midwives in order to live , after the federal government cut the salaries of all employees in Mosul since June 2014, particularly given that there are currently no oversight or conditions prevent gainful employment. it 
seems that history repeats itself, Valmouselaon trapped in their city since the 26 - month recall that theprofession of the old midwives It boomed the last time in a period of economic blockade imposed by theinternational community on Iraq in 1991 and lasted 13 years, due to the deterioration of health services at thetime, and today repeated the same thing. the 
doctor sacrificed Mahmoud warns of reproduction at the hands of midwives because they do not improve todeal with any deviation in the course of birth or symptoms that may be associated with birth , such as high blood pressure or bleeding. 
actually inside Mosul impose itself on the population strongly, the costs of treatment in low public hospitals somewhat natural Having a baby ten dollars only and caesarean section b (60) dollars a suitable analogy private clinics prices , which up the process , the cost to $ 300, so be appetite for government hospitals significant beyond the capacity of the teams working in it, and this is reflected negatively on the care and attention Palmarbat level. 
when the last labor stage began and intensified yelling, placed or on a piece of cloth in the mouth of the rim and asked them to the teething strongly hushed voice that filled the neighborhood. 
after two hours, silent RIM launched the cries of the baby, finally breathed a husband who did not depart his place in front of the arrest (20) dollars in the habit but since the pair Rim unemployed and her family live a situation of living embarrassment accepted b (15) Dsthe in her pocket. What moved the car that carried the rim and her baby and disappeared quickly, kept an eye Um Ali Tracban the road waiting foranother visitor.

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