KIRKUK / News Network Iraq axis southern province of Kirkuk in the Peshmerga official sta Messenger description, Tuesday, accusations made by the Turkmen Front chairman Arshad Salhi PKK the (pkk) as "false", and among the members of the party involved to protect Kirkuk, accused Salhi to "receive the support of terrorist entities to attack the Labour Party." said Sta Messenger during a press conference held at the screens Peshmerga immortal office area, the presence of thePeshmerga leaders today: " the accusations launched by the head of the Turkmen front MP Arshad al - Salihi is a great injustice truly authentic Kurdistan party , it 's not true , "stressing that" thePKK militants are not terrorists as he described Salhi. "He added the messenger, that" thePeshmerga forces and responsibilities ethics will not allow anyone directing false accusations forces fought alongside the Peshmerga forces in the war against organization (Daesh) terrorist and made great sacrifices in the defense of the Kurdistan region. "he said the focus of Kirkuk , an official, hewas " in accordance with the standards of the international coalition against al (Daesh), theterrorist, any forces or parties are fighting terrorists , they are on the side of the people, not aterrorist, but terrorists the ones who are supporting people Korushd Salhi to singing the accusations are incorrect and false to force battling the worst of a terrorist organization enemy of humanity."The Messenger, that" al - Salihi is one of the members of the House of Representatives and was present when it was followed by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi report before the House ofRepresentatives which described the Peshmerga and Hizbollah Kurdistan workers ' heroes of thewar against al (Daesh) terrorist , "and wondered , saying," Why did not issue him any sound at thetime. "He said the messenger , " we are in the Peshmerga forces axis of Kirkuk reject these accusations altogether, and we assure that we look to the PKK as a party Kordestani authentic and dealing with the PKK , as we deal with our fighters in the Peshmerga forces. "He denied themessenger, that" the PKK forces had occupied the areas in Kirkuk and Daquq , "asserting that" these areas are under the control of the Peshmerga forces, and the number of PKK forces are very few . " . he messenger to, that " the PKK forces deployed in those areas at the request of thegovernor of Kirkuk , to assist and support the Peshmerga forces, and it was rather give thanks and gratitude to the troops mileage to protect Kirkuk and made great sacrifices in this regard, instead of agent accusations her and described as terrorists. "He called the Iraqi Turkmen front chairman Arshad Salehi, the first on Saturday, the Iraqi government to expel the PKK , the (pkk) from Iraq along the lines of the" MKO ", returned existence" threat to national security of Iraq. "