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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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British newspaper: edit Mosul will be tightly blockaded plan costing $ 1.5 billion



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British newspaper: edit Mosul will be tightly blockaded plan costing $ 1.5 billion

Post by rocky on Thu 22 Sep 2016, 2:37 am

British newspaper: edit Mosul will be tightly blockaded plan costing $ 1.5 billion

 translation term 

Since 2014 , Mosul has become synonymous with despair, where caused its downfall ,however Daesh group in the collapse of theIraqi armed forces, and their prospects for thebattle restored was raised fears of death and displacement of the population, but today, Iraqis and Western officials are optimistic about wrested from the Daesh. 
He says a Western diplomat in Baghdad , "we still have a long way to go and there are some errors. four months ago , we thought that the connector on the verge of disaster, but that has changed is that the performance of Iraqi forces and their partners in theinternational coalition has improved a lot and that Daesh weaken slowly." 
More importantly, a lot Iraqis may have replaced the harsh attitude towards Mosul residents of another more comprehensive and deeper, what is considered a shift crucial for the city 's population of Sunnis , who havelong been wary of the ill - treatment of security forces. 
he says the Western diplomat , "he told me , Iraqi officials said they are trying to reassure the people ofMosul on the campaign and make them feel that they would be freed. " 
It will be a battle of Mosul , the most difficult test of Iraqi forces and the coalition, but some are not optimistic , where a Kurdish officials said that Daesh group prove itself two years ago in the city , it is hard to feel Baltvaal.oukal officials said about 10% of the country is still , however Daesh including Mosul, the largest urban center in Iraq. During the current year , he regained the Iraqi forces - under air cover from theinternational coalition - the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah, and in the last month has moved troops into theconnector scope after the seizure of hand oil Qayyarah south of the city. 
He says Major General Yahya Messenger, Iraqi army spokesman, said the Iraqi army 's morale rose since itscollapse in front Daesh attacks in 2014, the expected "Reverse Mosul in record time." It is likely theMessenger of military support from the local population. In 
turn confirmed Rasha Nodular, a resident of Mosul, an analyst at the Center for Studies and Research probe in Dubai, the words of the messenger , referring to reports of a popular resistance against Daesh group where abounded condemning the graffiti calling for the downfall. Says Nodular " is no longer the people of Mosul are indifferent to what is happening around them, they're not only for editing, but also to change the ready." 
But there are many pitfalls to wait, participation of the popular crowd could spark sectarian violence where residents are Mosul concerned about allegations that members of the crowd were killed and tortured Sunnis in liberating Okhry.kma areas Daesh Mosul chosen as the last steadfastness of its location , it is likely that thecause of mass destruction can be costly in human lives and reconstruction funds for the Iraqi government that the cash - strapped. 
diplomats say Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and its relevance to estimates the costs of the battle ofMosul, where it is likely to cost $ 1.5 billion a year just to sustain the humanitarian needs of the displaced in the camps. 
He says Col. John Dorian, a spokesman for the international coalition, said the goal in Mosul will use tactics briefing similar to those used in Fallujah and the city Manbej Syrian as those tactics blockade is required for several months which may cause - according to critics - the starvation of the population in the event of Daesh prevented them from escaping. But they also impede the Daesh planting explosives in each house to cause maximum destruction 
and adds Colonel Dorian "that was a lot of people living there , it is difficult to do so because everything will explode around them, and despite the difficulty on the parents than it is worse than leaving the displaced people without accommodation for months several in the camps temporary. " 
Without UN still planned for the worst - case scenario, where will be forced nearly one million people to flee, at a time when not received more than half of the required funding. 
and into northern Iraq , the leaders of the Kurdistan government is worried , too, where there is a heated debate with Baghdad over how to the rule of the region after the war and about the role of the Peshmerga ,which is a role crucial in the battle. 
He says a humanitarian aid official , "there are three questions; what will be the role of the popular crowd? What is the role of the Peshmerga? and who will judge Mosul? there are no answers to these questions yet"

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