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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US military seeks to "swift victory" in Mosul without losses



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US military seeks to "swift victory" in Mosul without losses

Post by rocky on Thu 22 Sep 2016, 2:39 am

US military seeks to "swift victory" in Mosul without losses

 Baghdad / term 

Stop George W. Bush in the first of the month of May 2003, feeling the joy of victory over the runway of the US Navy great carrier (Abraham Lincoln); where he announced theUS president - at that time - in a speech televised transferred to the United States and the world, and behind him appeared thephrase "has the task successfully "clearly to the world, so integral end of combat operations in Iraq. 
the Saddam 's government collapsed in front of the US military campaign , dubbed the" shock and awe ", which is a proof of the power of the US military 's overwhelming. The Special campaign part is partial easier in the whole process, and what remains after that is put Iraq on the right path and to secure Washington 'sposition there, and then get out of the country. 
On this day , however , Bush enjoy the victory contain within it the isotopes loss, are there any doubts his words raised by the US military targets? Was it possible that one imagines that after a decade full of blood on the matter and after spending millions of dollars will remain America Veola in the land of Iraq, and that this great victory not quite complete as it seems today? 
Here is nearing a sense of imminent victory and the end of the welcoming survival of America in the land ofthe Mesopotamia, on completion, the Americans and the dreams of the next victory in Mosul war; just as ithappened in the "Highway of death" in 1990 on the way to Baghdad in 2003. always what we are told that the departure of uS troops from Iraq is coming soon and the road to victory is also on the verge of detente. 
not only is Ash Carter, the US defense secretary, defeating Daesh on the battlefield only; he insists on thecompletion of the victory Oadologi, where he said later , "it is important that we eliminate the idea oforganizing the whole Daesh." 
rapid Victory absolute on the presence of the enemy without casualties of the US military and not to allow the enemy to impose certain conditions in return for his surrender, is precisely what the Obama administration isseeking to him. Maj . Gen. MacFarland, commander of the Joint Task "enemy 's resistance began to crumble, and we no longer hear the word dilemma repeated again. If you find a lot of problems; we are unsure it because of the very rapid and remarkable campaign in favor of Washington provide, please take defeat Daesh as if it is a foregone conclusion . " . 
to Gen. Joseph explained Votal, commander in charge of Gen. Macfaland, opinion opposed to the stormy present applause in comments he acknowledged , "I know very well that I was given the impression to theAmerican people that our war with Daesh end Bsatratna the cities of Mosul and tenderness, we have beenable to get to the important point of incursion in the center of the Islamic caliphate headquarters here, we have our boat on the entry of Mosul, and we'll go to get to the tenderness soon. " 
He said Gen. MacFarland said , " the turning point was the liberalization town of Ramadi earlier this year, as itwas a turning point in 2006 for operation Iraqi Freedom . " . 
Did Gen. MacFarland noted that Washington returned after long years of bloodshed to the starting point in thesame old war with Iraq is going in the same way in the non - luminous micro circuitry itself. Knows, these days, as an achievement to end the war never ends ?! 
added MacFarland "Our goal is to re - implement the plan and Winston Churchill; liberalization of Ramadi was the end of the conflict has led to the emergence of a new military campaign bent on eliminating Daesh, and the beginning of the end for Daesh will be editing Mosul the second largest city in Iraq, and its retrieval will turn the enemy into fragments scattered resistance groups and is our goal that we seek.

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