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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army 2 km from the center of Sharqat .. predicted the launch of synchronous operation for the Libera



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Army 2 km from the center of Sharqat .. predicted the launch of synchronous operation for the Libera

Post by rocky on Thu 22 Sep 2016, 3:52 am

Hummer wheel of the Iraqi army in the liberated villages in the district of Sharqat (120 km north of Tikrit)
Army 2 km from the center of Sharqat .. predicted the launch of synchronous operation for the Liberation of Hawija

Author: NN 
Editor: AZ 21/09/2016 23:31 Number ofViews: 1537 

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Reached or single-Jumaili, which is leading a faction within the special task force to illiteracy Jabara area Atbad only 2 kilometers from the center of Sharqat.
Jumaili and lost her husband and four of her brothers in previous battles against al Daesh in Salahuddin liberated Last regions which Peggy late 2015.
Military and tribal forces fought battles there are "violent" Two days ago, during which the militants led a number of booby-trapped the wheels to block the advancement of military units.
A day after the start of the liberalization process Sharqat Pat Iraqi army imposes control over most of the right coast of Herquat, which includes the government complex.
In terms of operations in Anbar, bulldozers attacked and "Hmrat" amalgamation joint forces on the islands of Ramadi, Hit and parts of the Upper Euphrates.
It was interesting that declares the Prime Minister, at dawn on Tuesday, the New York City launch of three simultaneous operations in Sharqat and Anbar.
The resumption of operations in the northern Salahuddin, after two months of delay from the scheduled date for unknown reasons. Then officials said was likely to be "a US decision" behind the operations ceased.
The spend Sharqat, which is about 90 kilometers south of Mosul, one of the most important ports towards the liberalization of Nineveh, according to a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya messenger.
The US aircraft were 15 air strike during the progress of troops in Sharqat, while she had pounded insurgent positions on the islands of Ramadi and Hit more than a week before the start of operations.
Battle of the right coast
It began at dawn on Tuesday Iraqi forces, led by Salahuddin operations, progress toward Sharqat. The combined forces of two brigades, armored and infantry brigade automatically from the band 9, 51 and a brigade of the popular crowd, as well as brigade 52 of the clan crowd, which bears the name of (the power of the mighty martyr illiteracy).
It is also involved in the operations of both the Swat forces, police and salads, and a number of the families of the province, led by Sheikh al-Jubouri Asham, according to Lyons mighty force in charge of the martyr illiteracy.
He says the mighty, in connection with the (range) yesterday, "The troops penetrated to Sharqat of three axes: north from Qayyarah base, west, and south-west," pointing out that the latter axis, which resides in it with a number of other clans, "record progress for a distance of 3 km towards Sharqat center. "
And refers to the tribal leader, "they faced during the progress of mines and improvised explosive devices fields," stressing that the international airline alliance destroyed seven wheels bomb had planned to target them.
And it confirms the mighty "The joint forces and the tribes are now at a distance of about 2 km from the center of Sharqat, which is located on the right coast, which extends to a distance of 15 km." And still edit the left pane of the Tigris River, the process has not started yet.
He says the leadership in the crowd clan that "operations in the western and northern side of the right coast, going quietly about Sharqat center for fear of civilian casualties." He said his meeting with some people, who are estimated to number about 350 thousand people, who showed their cooperation with the liberated forces.
Conversely expected Lyons powerful that the left coast more fights to be easier with the presence of about 1,000 fighters of the sons of those areas in a state of readiness to enter the eastern side of Sharqat. They had participated in the earlier, the process of the liberation of southern Mosul areas near Qayyarah.
As it expected the mighty "The operations launched in Hawija, in conjunction with the start of the edit page Other Sharqat operations."
Anbar Islands operations
And on the other side of the battle, the joint forces liberated the island in the leadership of operations and the desert four villages near the city of al-Baghdadi, west of Anbar.
And see the shows al-Issawi, head of the security committee in the Anbar province, said the "pivotal battles launched from the north of Ramadi, west of Anbar when the cupboard area."
And indicates al-Issawi, in connection with the (range) yesterday, that "the most important areas that should be controlled in the western Anbar province is the Heat Island that still pose a threat to the judiciary because of the mortars from which, because they are desert areas open on the Upper Euphrates and Syria.
In turn, did not expect Ghassan Ithawi, a spokesman for the Anbar tribes fighters, said that "repeated surprises in the remaining Anbar Islands, as happened in Khalidiya Island last month."
It saw Khalidiya island battles killed about 1,000 armed men, and found the tanks and heavy weapons, as well as a wide network of tunnels and taken by the insurgents to hide.
He says Ithawi, (range) yesterday, said that "fleeing from Fallujah who had been trapped in Khalidiya island and forced to fight, while the islands of gray and white are open vast areas."
He adds that the leader of the clan "forces stormed the regions of Albu Diab and Albu Ali Jassim, north of Ramadi, killing a number of militants," expected to go gray island in stages operations due to the wide geographical area, while operations will be much easier in the Heat Island.
Attention Ithawi that "joint forces, from 10 divisions and 8 subsidiaries of the army and the crowd clan, managed to repel the destruction Daesh lines in Ramadi Island." He revealed the aircraft bombarding armed detachments in northern Ramadi, 10 days ago.
The military leadership has said that the army troops, the seventh division and operations of the island and tribal fighters, have managed, on Tuesday, to edit the villages, "Al-Zeera," and "Stone Alkasir" incidents in the north of the island of hand-Baghdadi al-Baghdadi.
The Maj . Gen. Qassim Al - Muhammadi, commander of the island 's operations in Anbar, "killed a number of terrorists, and the destruction of two wheels bombs, grab different weapons, and the destruction of 120 - mm mortar cannon, and the dismantling of 213 explosive device and process 18 missiles to the terrorist organization in those villages." 

From: Wael blessing .


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Urgent . . Edit spend Sharqat fully and celebrations for the people in the streets

Post by rocky on Thu 22 Sep 2016, 3:55 am

Urgent . . Edit spend Sharqat fully and celebrations for the people in the streets

Nur News / Salahuddin
Said a local source in the district of Sharqat, on Thursday, said the security forces managed to free completely eliminate Sharqat.
The source told the "light News" that Sharqat spend became editor after the liberation of the entire status of the judiciary by the military forces and to mobilize the tribes of Salahuddin. "
The source confirmed that "the celebrations are now in the streets of the judiciary joy end of the control of the organization Daesh the"

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