BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq said political Kurdish and member of the former parliament, onThursday, Mahmoud Othman, that the Kurds do not have reservations about the participation of the popular crowd at the Battle of Mosul, but they fear the outbreak of a Sunni - Shiite conflict - after restored, while noting that the US administration would like dramatically restoration of Mosul to be used as a bargaining Antkhabah.oukal Mahmoud in a press statement today: " the Kurds with any military effort to liberate territory usurped from Daesh terrorist, and therefore they do not mind the participation of the popular crowd at the battle of Mosul , which has become very close," said Mahmoud, said the US United intervened effectively in order to bridge the gap in viewpoints between Baghdad and Erbil, and for the joint work of combating Daesh and take him out of all Iraqi territory, pointing out that " the US administration want to heavily edit Mosul Daesh to be used as an election before receiving the new US administration and the new president oftheir duties at December 21 of the year . " and on the areas that restored the Peshmerga of Daesh, Othman said this matter is governed by the bilateral agreement between Baghdad and Erbil said, calling for a serious dialogue between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, to put some foundations to solve this problem, such that the Constitution is judgment between them.