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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Barzani's party issued a strongly worded statement on sacking Zebari explains motives



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Barzani's party issued a strongly worded statement on sacking Zebari explains motives

Post by rocky on Fri 23 Sep 2016, 3:56 am

[size=36][size=33]Barzani's party issued a strongly worded statement on sacking Zebari explains motives[/size][/size]
Ali Abdul Salman 324[ltr]  09/22/2016[/ltr]

Kurdistan Democratic Party, said that the sacking of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari took place within a political scheme behind it parties. 
Decided Iraqi Council of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Minister ofFinance by a majority of the number of attendees, as the voice of 158 deputy in favor of thewithdrawal of confidence from Zebari , compared to 77 votes refusing to withdraw confidence and kept 14 votes out of 259 deputies present in the session. 
He said the party in a statement , I followed news agency Buratha, said the sacking of itspolitical bureau member , Hoshyar Zebari , the Iraqi Ministry of Finance scheme already put by the parties do not want to continue the offer Zebari in the financial or accepted by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, and the role played by the strengthening of international relations of Iraq or what helped him to reduce the financial crisis gap. 
"during the past months , and with the efforts of Minister Zebari to organize the Ministry ofFinance and the liquidation of corruption, these parties began addressing these attempts and block it ." 
He said the Democratic party statement, " it has become clear that the what Mr. Zebari suffered a political target, stand behind him outskirts carry chauvinistic policy against theKurds and the significance of this continuing their rhetoric through the media affiliated tothem and what they carry against the Kurds and Kurdistan. " 
he added that" these parties do not shed them live in peace and progress, but want to return the last of an era . " 
the statement said," We are the Democratic party of Kurdistan will remain supportive of thegovernment of Mr. Abadi and all parties that believe in the democratic process and peaceful coexistence, and Sn_khas those parties and participants with hail in a timely manner. " 
Zebari said at a news conference in Arbil today, said that parliament 's decision to withdraw confidence from him was the result of direct political target of the mass of a coalition of state law , led by Nuri al - Maliki in collusion with parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri. 
He added that "this was the aim of the revenge of Kurdistan and me and the government ofAbadi." 
warned Zebari of the collapse of the current government headed by al - Abadi, "al - Maliki works to drop government. " 
He challenged Zebari prove the corruption charges against him , " we do not take illegal steps and are ready to put the financial records under the eyes of everyone. "

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