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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Clean and swift liberation Sharqat process within 3 days and Daesh boxed in the area of ​​30%



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Clean and swift liberation Sharqat process within 3 days and Daesh boxed in the area of ​​30%

Post by rocky on Sat 24 Sep 2016, 2:59 am

Clean and swift liberation Sharqat process within 3 days and Daesh boxed in the area of ​​30%

 Baghdad / Wael blessing 

Edit Sharqat process may be, re - displaced people to it, and one of the fastest restoration of stability and the liberalization of the towns that were under the control of Daesh since June 2014. The operations have 
not gone 48 hours at the start of liberalization Sharqat process, so it has regulatory control over 70% of the city area, while preventing the rapid collapse of the militants booby - trapping homes and thedestruction of infrastructure , as happened in other cities. 
during the early hours of the battles, which began at dawn on Tuesday, the joint forces liberated strip 13 km from the western side of the city out of a length of 15 km. Then stormed the Joint Forces, on Wednesday evening, the government complex, and completed the full control on Thursday morning. And it started thepopulation, who were quick to raise the white flags on the roofs of their homes, under the guidance of theliberated forces to the possibility of hiding militants, who are considered most of them sons of the city. A statement released by the media cell - Harbi that the joint forces had managed Thursday edit Shirqat city inSalahuddin province from the grip of the organization Daesh. 
 The statement, published Thursday, "Here is an Iraqi victory of the new checks in Sharqat under thesupervision of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the planning and coordination of Joint SpecialOperations Command . " 
The statement added , " it launched liberalization Sharqat operations led by Lt. Gen. Juma stubbornness commander Salahuddin operations and participated Iraqi army band 9 and band 16 and band 15 and a brigade of 51 of the popular crowd, and the attribution of the two types of air force and army Aviation and air Alliance international. " 
The statement went on to say , "Within 72 hours fought your armed forces the heroine in the battle of thequality of lightning culminated editing spend Sharqat fully and raising the Iraqi flag on the government offices where cheers and Astbashar parents and their support after the defeat of the terrorist Daesh gangs and incur heavy losses." 
the longer spend Sharqat, which is about 90 km from the South Mosul, one of the most important ports towards the liberalization of Nineveh, according to a spokesman for the joint Special operations command Brigadier General Yahya messenger. 

edit 70% of Sharqat 
Commenting on the developments on the ground, says Ahmed Nazim al - Azzawi, deputy head of the Council of Salahuddin, said in an interview yesterday (range) that " the forces joint dominated completely on the right coast of Herquat, which includes government departments, and represents 70% of the elimination of space. "
confirms al - Azzawi said" most of the elements Daesh used boats to cross to the other side of the Tigris River, "adding that" Iraqi forces are stretched floating bridges to pursue them . " 
according to the local administrator, the" 90% of the gunmen were from the Iraqi population Sharqat, who have been deceived by the terrorist organization , "stressing that the rapid collapse of Daesh in the judiciary had been expected. 
the continued blockade, imposed by the joint forces on Sharqat, more than two months. He said security officials, at the time, it would help the collapse Daesh quickly, having become isolated. 
The president of the republic Fuad Masum edit Sharqat as a "decisive step towards final victory near on terror", and praised the coherence of the armed forces in all configurations. 
Parliament Speaker Salim also said Jubouri said the "edit Sharqat, marks the end of a human tragedy thatlasted for more than two years for the people of the judiciary who have been subjected to brutal practices of the terrorists." 
Jubouri predicted that contributes edit Sharqat to expedite an end to the tragedy of innocent liberalization ofHawija , Kirkuk and Mosul in Nineveh. 
for his part, congratulated the head of the National Alliance , Ammar al - Hakim Iraqis editing spend Sharqat, describing the military action as " the splendor and dignity battles." 
The Iraqi forces, backed by a group of families of the Salah al - Din, penetrated to Sharqat of three axes: north from Qayyarah base, west, and south - west. And faced troops in their advance - according to field leaders - mines and improvised explosive devices fields, and destroyed Airways International Alliance of 7 wheels bomb had planned to target them. 

Faster return of displaced people 
and the forces had been dealt with "extremely cautious" in Sharqat fear on civilians, which is estimated at more than 350 thousand people. But local officials stressed the non - registration of civilian casualties. 
He says al - Azzawi said "Sharqat residents were carrying white flags, and instructed the joint forces on thepossibility of hiding insurgents." 
Emphasizes local official said that " the judiciary did not record the case of population displacement in military operations a period that lasted for less than 3 days , "while referring to the re - displaced population will start on Saturday. 
it was about 100 thousand people have been displaced over the last two months of Sharqat to the north ofBaiji and Tikrit. 
he says al - Azzawi that" the judiciary has not devastated or destroyed due to military operations , "and pointed out that "Daesh could not booby - trapping houses, because the survival of a large number of people in their homes." 
but the local official predicted the opposite in the battles that Ciecdha the left side of the Herquat. Noting that " the east side of Sharqat, a group of scattered villages, and could be used to booby - trapping roads to impede the progress of troops." 
He had predicted Lyons powerful, in charge of the power of " the martyr illiteracy mighty", a faction of thepopular crowd in Salahuddin, be left coast "battles more easily", with the presence of about 1,000 fighters of the sons of those areas in a state of readiness to enter the eastern side of Sharqat. 
they had participated in the earlier, the process of the liberation of southern Mosul areas near Qayyarah.

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