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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Biden Ebadi: Battle of Mosul, Iraq will not be a move only with the consent of Baghdad



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Biden Ebadi: Battle of Mosul, Iraq will not be a move only with the consent of Baghdad

Post by rocky on Sat 24 Sep 2016, 3:02 am

Biden Ebadi: Battle of Mosul, Iraq will not be a move only with the consent of Baghdad

 Baghdad / term 

Stressed Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, theimportance of strengthening relations between Baghdad and Washington and expand the horizons of cooperation in the fields of training, arming and cooperation of intelligence, during a meeting in New York , US Vice President Joe Biden. 
He said the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in a statement seen by (range) The last " met in New York , US Vice President Joe Biden, and discussed the strengthening of relations between thetwo countries and expand their horizons in many fields, including training, arming and cooperation ofintelligence and economic , as was discussed preparations for the Liberation of Mosul. " the 

statement quoted US Vice President reaffirmed" his country 's commitment to support the Iraqi government headed by al - Abadi and that the battle to liberate Mosul , Iraqi and no one moves , even if the purpose ofaid without the approval of the Prime Minister. " 
as Prime Minister in New York met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki - moon, according to the latest statement from the Office Abadi. According to a government statement , it took place during the meeting , they discussed the political and security situation in Iraq and the region , and preparations for the battle ofMosul and the situation of displaced people and international support for Iraq. He Ki - moon, according to thestatement, UN support for Iraq and the government in its fight against terrorism and its readiness to help stabilize the political situation as well as increased support in the humanitarian sphere and the issue ofdisplaced persons. 
The Park of the United Nations Secretary General "achieved victories by Iraqi forces in Sharqat, Fallujah, Qayyarah." During his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the prime minister stressed that Iraq is determined to end the editing of its territory before the end of this year. 
Ebadi said " A year ago we stood here and there were vast tracts of Iraqi territory occupied by theorganization Daesh terrorist. Today we stand at the same place to announce before you that Iraq is liberated and that the Iraqis were able to edit most of its occupied territory and turning these days for the Liberation ofNineveh province , which is the last remained. However Daesh has regained important regions , including fully and we will continue to edit during this year . " The Prime Minister added , " I tell you that the heroic Iraqi forces have achieved a new victory today edit Sharqat through forty - eight hours , a record time, with thecooperation of the local population who welcomed the troops liberated." He said the prime minister , "We have started with the help of friends in the international community to implement the re - citizens who havemigrated to cities Daesh liberated and put an integrated program to restore stability and services to them, primarily water, electricity, schools, hospitals and services program." Abadi called the international community to "further support for the program and re - house the displaced people especially with the approach ofresolving the battle to liberate the province of Nineveh and expectations increasing numbers of displaced people." He noted the prime minister that " the risk of recurrence of the formation or composition of terrorist organizations like al - Qaeda or Daesh will not end by addressing extremist ideology of these backward groups in thought and based in their approach to distinguish sectarian and thought hostile to all religions and beliefs and fueled by inadequate vision that missed on our construction and reconstruction opportunities and development opportunities and evolution. " 
Abadi went on saying that" Daesh claimed falsely falsely defend Sunnis, killing Shiites, Sunnis and Christians, Yazidis and Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Shabak, hideous crimes included all the Iraqi spectrum and varied between atonement and the displacement and exile for women and genocide and the destruction of Antiquities, mosques and churches. " 
The prime minister pointed that "cities Amerli, Sinjar, Taza, Anbar and Mosul, Salahuddin, Diyala and massacre victims Spyker, along with the cemetery on unarmed civilians , the terrorist attacks in theneighborhoods of Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces will see their crimes." 
He stressed Abadi "We have been in Iraq to employees of external impact on stability and economic growth and social, In addition to the terrorism faced falling world oil price crisis , which lose finance our budget more than 70% of its revenue with the increasing costs of military, security and burdens for the Liberation of Iraq 'scities from terrorism. " 
The Prime Minister said , " We are looking forward to one day soon be the evacuation of Iraq and the region of Daesh but our happiness to Ataatm only a world free of terrorism , which threatens our peoples and our countries, which requires cooperation Jada to surround and drying intellectual and financial headwaters and destroy networks and recruitment centers scattered all over the world, and without this cooperation will terror everywhere and will increase the preparation of refugees fleeing the conflict zones , which amounted toserious and unprecedented levels. "

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