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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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And logistical challenges facing the humanitarian operation Mosul and al-Abadi wants "surprise"



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And logistical challenges facing the humanitarian operation Mosul and al-Abadi wants "surprise"

Post by rocky on Sat 24 Sep 2016, 3:08 am

And logistical challenges facing the humanitarian operation Mosul and al-Abadi wants "surprise"

 Baghdad / AFP 

Iraq has vowed to regain control over the city of Mosul by the end of this year, while theleaders of the US senior hinted that theprocess could begin next month, but theattack to take control of the stronghold Daesh faces serious challenges at different levels. 
And Mosul , Iraq's second city, is ultimately in the list of war against al Daesh who seized vast tracts of land in the middle of 2014. 
but before Iraqi forces were able to regain control of the city, there are a series of military, political and humanitarian complexities pose a variety of challenges, and even if the operation began the next month, the end may extend to weeks or months. 
he said security expert Jassim Hanoun, told AFP "there will be serious challenges at all levels, and Abozorha coordination between the military sectors participating battle." 
will take part in the battle the army and police forces and the popular crowd and fighters , the Peshmerga, and these forces sometimes do not work under the leadership of uniform. In 
turn, Ihsan al - Shammari, a political science professor, said that " the nature of the clash of interests, and try to exploit the moment of exit Daesh will be the most important challenge to the Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi . " he explained that "there are projects and interests of nations are out Daesh chance to get more influence and interests and install pillars ".ootaleg US officers a lot of speculation about the date of thestorming of Mosul, but al - Abadi said he wanted to be the date of its launch Mphajia.okan chairman of theUS joint Chiefs of staff Gen. Joe Dunford he said Iraqi forces would be ready in early October, as Gen. Joe Vitale said Head of US Central command to regain control of the city will be the end of this year. 
on the other hand, there is a great humanitarian challenges to be faced , "humanitarian agencies are racing against time in order to prepare for a disaster that may occur after the military operation , " according to theUN. 
Once the process starts, the troops Iraqi harmonious and sometimes competing they must fight side by side in front of the defenses of the organization Daash.oma Iraqi forces have adopted a strategy of what to restore Mosul, they will follow the previous tactic that eliminates surrounded the city and cordoned off by thestorm. 
after the publication of reports suggesting the possible use of mustard gas against US forces south of Mosul Tuesday, and the use of regulation to chemical weapons , asserting against the Peshmerga in the past, there are fears that the regulation is due to be used during the defense of Almousel.osrah official at the Pentagon Wednesday that the US soldiers in northern Iraq discovered the effects of substance may be poisonous mustard gas on fragments of missiles fired them Jhadio organize Daesh. 
the official said no one was injured in the blast , which occurred near the airport near the town of Qayyarah, also did not appear on any of them any symptoms of poisoning chemical. 
and resides hundreds of US soldiers with their Iraqi partners on the site in preparation for a recovery operation , Mosul jihadi organization. 
, said the official, who requested anonymity, said the missile exploded in the vicinity of Al - Qaeda in theshooting "indirectly" during the attack. He said the US soldiers spotted the article "black paintings" on a piece of shrapnel from the rocket and show them that this article contains the "mustard gas." 
The official said the fibula was subjected to examine the laboratory 's first confirmed to contain the mustard agent, but when subjected to examine the second came result is negative. He added that the fragment wassent to a laboratory to be subject to more thorough examination in order to know the material they contain. 
Downplayed himself in charge of the seriousness of the incident, stressing that the bombing was what would be "militarily effective." He added that "we do not feel the biggest concern after we saw this." However, soldiers who tested Sliver process Taqim.okan Dunford subjected said the timing of Mosul process, "depends on a political decision of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , " but the situation is more complicated than that. 
Kurdish forces will play a key role in the process, but they are not subject to the orders of al - Abadi , it underlines the need for a decision by the leadership of the province Krdstan.ala that this requires anagreement in principle , or at least an understanding between Baghdad and Kurdistan about the conditions ofareas after the military operation is finished. It is said that the Kurds want to keep some areas near Mosul , in Baghdad while refusing to abandon them in favor of the region. 
There is also define the role of the popular crowd troops backed by Tehran in the process. These forces under the control of al - Abadi outwardly, but in reality they are moving independently. And some Sunni politicians oppose the entry of the popular crowd Mosul. 
Iraq had announced in March that it would launch a military operation to restore the city, while the US president 's envoy to the international coalition against al Daesh announced repeatedly that the ongoing operations of Mosul. After regaining control of Mosul, the war against al Daesh will be far from over. 
Has Daesh elements belonging to the former rebel tactics, such as bombings and assassinations of civilians against security forces after the disappearance of their own state in Iraq.

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