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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Times: Restoration of Mosul Daesh easier to achieve stability



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The Times: Restoration of Mosul Daesh easier to achieve stability

Post by rocky on Sun 25 Sep 2016, 2:24 am

The Times: Restoration of Mosul Daesh easier to achieve stability

 BAGHDAD / translation 

Refers talk about liberalization city of Mosul from the control of the organization Daesh to near the battle, described as imminent, and if the loss of the organization a major Iraqi cities for a second, it will be lost most of its presence in Iraq, and will return to what it was before boarding landslide in June 2014, the movement and theOrganization of War gangs. US administration believes in the restoration of Mosul , an important achievement, if awarded to US President Barack Obama, who is leaving the White House after months. 
Most analysts agree that the liberation of Mosul would not end the risks and the reasons that led to the rise oforganizing Daesh and other terrorist groups, and if the Iraqi government continues to its weakness, the chances of establishing a unified Iraq, in which all the components live on an equal footing look weak. 
According to the Times newspaper, in an editorial on Saturday, "It 's been two years on the control of what isknown as organized Daesh on Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq, the Iraqi army and sees military commanders Westerners that the liberation of Mosul might be imminent, and is just a few weeks. " 
attaches the newspaper that" this speech if it were true, it would be a big step on the way to defeat theterrorist organization , "and warns , saying" the coalition forces, and the government of Haider al - Abadi, to be on the aware of two things are important; the first battle to regain Mosul will be fierce and tough, and thesecond is to restore it from Daesh may be easier to achieve stability in the country after that. " 
According to the opening that the number of Mosul 's population was before the control of the organization by up to shift two million people, it is believed to that half of them still live within them, while the range of its fighters, who will face the Iraqi and Kurdish forces and coalition aircraft, between 2,500 and 3,000 fighters. It pointed out that this number is less than the number of troops that will participate in the liberation of Mosul process, which is much superior to the number of militants organized in the city. 
The show opening that the troops are to assemble in the south of the city and east and the north, where theyare planning for the siege of these parties, noting that British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said he was throwing seven million poster on the city and its surrounding areas, which citizens warned of the approach of"zero hour." 
and change course opening that "there is ambiguity surrounds the situation inside the city, which was the first cities where al - Baghdadi began mobilizing year around the world, to make a pledge for (his successor), no one knows the reality of the situation in Mosul, and no one knows the true number of militant organization which also does not know the extent of their readiness to fight. There is information that the organization has a stockpile of chemical weapons within the city, it is likely to be used civilians as human shields to protect him. " 
considers the Times that" for this reason, it is the Iraqi forces should expect fierce resistance from theorganization, as happened in Fallujah, where he has been blockaded for three weeks, and did not leave theorganization only after helping the popular crowd uploaded responsibility for the disappearance of 900 Sunni young then. " 
and go the British newspaper that" urgent task in front Abadi is to maintain the unity of Iraq, and for this reason it can not continue to allow groups Daesh that writes its own rules to fight, or of doing things in Iraq, not to allow the Peshmerga change the map of the country . " . 
and see the opening that " the battle of Mosul is an opportunity to keep Iraq united, Planning flour for after the fight, and win the minds and the confidence of the people of Mosul, essential, and concentrated Britain 'sefforts on housing and help millions of refugees beyond the battle, but the biggest challenge is to prevent al Daesh of reorganization himself, and wait for the next day. "

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