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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Media Cell: Daesh reproduces scenes Spyker for fabricating victories alleged



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Media Cell: Daesh reproduces scenes Spyker for fabricating victories alleged

Post by rocky on Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:28 am

Media Cell: Daesh reproduces scenes Spyker for fabricating victories alleged

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

Harbi media cell confirmed that the latest video clip , which was broadcast organization Daesh and passed on social networking sites pictures in Albu - Ajeel area during the year 2014 
and as pointed out that soldiers who have been mentioned their names and identities of the military during the video are victims of Spyker, drew the organization re - old video clips production for "raising sectarian strife and create Nasr alleged." 
the military media cell in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "social networking pages picked up a clip on a video versions of gangs (Daesh) terrorist promoted to raise sectarian strife , " indicating that "results preliminary analysis of video of the alleged what was called a massacre in Nibai area, north ofBaghdad, where it was found through follow - up and checking the video published a new production versions of gang visual organization bears the name (hell apostates). " 
she military media cell that" scenes and events that contained an old video dating back to 2014 within thecrime Spyker , where the land was and geographical started in the video within the Albu - Ajil area ofSalahaddin province. " 
She continued media cell that" soldiers who reported names of military and identities that were displayed in the video have been analyzed after the withdrawal of statistical figures and audited in the calculator and theDepartment of defense show they are victims of Spyker during 2014 , "noting that" about a soldier (Abbas Hassan Ali net Shibib) statistical number 90131258 it is missing according to the book department administration 56368 in the (8 December 2014), and the second name that anonymity in imaging ( Baqer Ismail Mustafa Khalil) statistical number , 64220609 also missing on the same date. " 
confirmed media cell - Harbi that" military formations that were mentioned in the video has restructured in 2014, and ended the administrative presence since that time, "pointing out that" it was a quick check procedure coordination with Nibai area with all the security agencies and show the absence of any breach or abduction cases in the years 2015 and 2016. " 
the media cell that" regulation (Daesh) began to reproduce an old video materials , new production issued as new incidents to stoke sectarian strife and create Nasr alleged. Having been dealt a severe blows at thehands of our heroine , which passes the status of a major meltdown, which paid to create lies lifting of the remaining elements of the criminal " 
some social networking sites have picked up with each video clip broadcast regulation (Daesh) for a number of Iraqi army they are under the grip as one of the new offenses being waged against the security forces, inconjunction with the victories achieved by our security forces on the elements of the organization and editing areas under their control center of a major breakdown between the ranks of the organization and the flight ofmost of its leaders to Syria.

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