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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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BREAKING: FBI Director Comey Being Asked To Resign, New Proof That EVERYTHING Was Rigged



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BREAKING: FBI Director Comey Being Asked To Resign, New Proof That EVERYTHING Was Rigged

Post by Lobo on Sun 25 Sep 2016, 4:27 pm

BREAKING: FBI Director Comey Being Asked To Resign, New Proof That EVERYTHING Was Rigged

Posted by Alex Cooper | Sep 25, 2016 | Breaking News

They Used An Outsider, And It Worked Perfectly

The FBI investigation that was conducted on Ms. Clinton was a complete joke. Even those on the left don’t deny it. Instead, they pass it off as “routine” and nothing of major conern.
Those who do their own research know better. Hillary Clinton should have been indicted on multiple accounts of abuse, fraud, and perjury. Yet, she was let off the hook with mysterious ease.
FBI Director Comey even admitted that Clinton lied multiple times. This isn’t a secret and it was broadcasted by C-SPAN:
Now, former United States Attorney Joseph DiGenova is calling for Comey to resign in disgrace after the recent scandal of immunity being given out like candy.

What’s more, Matthew Whittaker is urging for a better explanation, stating that the specific FBI proceeding was “treated differently than any other investigation has ever been done.” (Source: BPR)
It’s clear that the current administration, along with its internal agencies, intended to give full immunity to all parties involved before any sort of legitimate investigation could ever occur. In the end, the American People were left stranded without answers while the Clinton machine was able to walk away unscathed from one of the largest scandals our government has ever been tarnished with.
Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Jason Chaffetz hasn’t been afraid to speak his thoughts either. In fact, he called out Mr. Herring of the FBI and demanded an on-the-spot subpoena of Clinton’s emails. But of course, the FBI illegally dodged his request and continued with its dishonest execution of the investigation.
Do not be fooled. This entire thing was orchestrated. Obama later went on the record and told multiple news agencies that the FBI investigation was not dampened at all by the fact that it was being conducted on the Democratic Nominee.
Do you really believe that? This is the same Democratic Party that completely rigged the DNC. This is the same Democratic Party that used Bernie Sanders as mere bait for the young millennial crowd that was stupid enough to buy into his bogus claims of a perfect society with free stuff at every corner.
They have brought disgrace not only on themselves and their party, but America and the American People at large. It’s no wonder our enemies laugh at us and fail to respond to demands made by Obama. He was even recently disgraced by Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines. While Rodrigo’s comment was irresponsible, why would he ever say something like that in the first place? I highly doubt anyone is going to try that nonsense with Trump in the White House.
Conservative Daily Post stands behind U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova. We demand that Comey resign, and that the American People be given full transparency on the entire investigation. When lies circulate to the degree that we currently see, there has got to be a change. We can’t afford to let this happen and it’s about time we put down out foot and proclaim our disgust.

Interacting Investor
Interacting Investor

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Re: BREAKING: FBI Director Comey Being Asked To Resign, New Proof That EVERYTHING Was Rigged

Post by fonz1951 on Sun 25 Sep 2016, 8:39 pm

no, he shouldn't resign, he should be prosecuted right along with hillary

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