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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Washington Post: the growing insurgency in Mosul Daesh pushing for the arrest of former officers



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The Washington Post: the growing insurgency in Mosul Daesh pushing for the arrest of former officers

Post by rocky on Mon 26 Sep 2016, 2:53 am

The Washington Post: the growing insurgency in Mosul Daesh pushing for the arrest of former officers

 Translation: Ahmed Alaa 

The writings on the walls, appeared near a mosque in Mosul, said evacuated militants Daesh that these words are not important because it is carried out will be executed soon.
State of the insurgency in Mosul is not new, ithas emerged two years ago, but today increased by what is known as the "Brigades Mosul, " the armed opposition group to organize Daesh within the city, which aired a tape Fedoaa stating this month resistance to militants Daesh, as I wrote on public walls phrase" coming resistance. " 
as expected, the reaction militants Daesh brutal and fast, it has carried out death sentences three young men accused of involvement in the matter. The militants Daesh stayed tape on a video, the men knelt group show dressed in orange jumpsuits, and receiving bullets in the head, one after another, while gunmen sprayed others on the wall behind the underprivileged is a (m) in reference to a crime they alleged. 
In recent months, perform militants Daesh arrests and executions against civilians campaign, in a move some considered it a sign of the desperation of the terrorist group as it faces the possibility of losing control of Mosul, according to reports from inside the city. 
military, Iraqi officials and American say, that the acquisition of the city will be an important step towards deny al Daesh of perpetuate the control of the land. 
the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, pledged to restore control of Mosul by the end of this year, at a time when the Iraqi air force dropped leaflets on Mosul last week, I know people there urbanization for "zero hour." 
while preparing the Iraqi and US forces which advises, to approach the city of Mosul, after the restoration of the air base in Qayyarah south, says a representative of Mosul , the Brigades' organization Daesh resorted to the use of repressive tactics and indiscriminate arrests in an attempt to show that it is in control of the city ,"noting at the same time that" the militants in a state of confusion and clear, after a motionless last Mosul Brigades. " 
graffiti recently by a group of Mosul Brigades, militants began Daesh launch random arrests, as well as the fighters dug new screens on the North and South eastern neighborhoods. 
the representative of Mosul Brigades, who refused completely anonymous, saying , "sometimes, militants have used concrete blocks to isolate the city from the other, because they are worried about the shift ofpopulation to the rebels with the imminent progress of the Iraqi forces." 
Sheikh Mohammed al - Jarba, a tribal leader from the northern city of Mosul, is regularly telephone contact with the children city for their lives, says , "at the moment, the gunmen effort made in the youth detention, while others are new trenches around the city dig." 
the ban on Internet regulation on the population for a long time, in order to prevent the circulation ofinformation or leakage, because they believed that the anti - them using the Internet at composition of their cells. 
in spite of the ban imposed on the city, there are areas of the mobile phone operates, as well as enable parents sometimes get out of the connector. 
humanitarian, the main factor remains the primary concern of the United Nations , which estimated thedisplacement of a million people from Mosul with the start of military operations , while according to some officials and local residents, said the expected displacement may be more than this figure. There are no precise estimates of the number of civilians who prefer to stay in the city or who decide to leave. 
Liberation of Iraq, the former governor of the province affected, is today in northern Iraq, particularly the city of Irbil, he says that " the displaced people came to Arbil from the liberated areas including Qayyarah, recaptured by security forces this month. " 
civilians and feared for their areas they left, they are wondering how to deal with the security forces, believing that the security forces may be sympathetic to the group on the other account. 
speaks Najafi announced the arrival of some of the people from as far as Manbej Syrian recaptured by US -backed forces a month ago . While the Iraqi government is trying to provide humanitarian assistance inpreparation for a massive displacement of the center of the lack of resources and basic material relief. 
A resident of the city of Mosul , said the organization Daesh seized several empty houses left by their inhabitants moment to storm the insurgent city, adding that "displaced Ozdedua much after indiscriminate arrest campaigns carried out by the terrorist group in Mosul. " the 
US military estimated the survival of between 3,000 to 4,500 gunmen in Mosul, since it came on the tongue ,spokesman for the coalition led by the United States , Colonel John Darian, who pointed to the killing of 12 leading al Daesh in Mosul over the past two months following the US - led air strikes. 
the displaced people earlier that " the arrests affected the former officers in Saddam Hussein 's army, because the insurgents know that these officers have links with some of the people present and the army, so afraid of cooperating with the military leaders of a coup in the city." Adding that " the gunmen targeted their families and killed some of them." 
He pointed to Najafi that there are signs of disintegration in the ranks of al Daesh, amid growing corruption within the terrorist group. And able families to escape , despite the ban on the leave the city after paying large bribes to intermediaries between the people and the terrorist organization. 
In addition to enabling families to escape, what many still languishing inside the city are waiting for relief, they are talking about Mzawelthm "waiting game", because they are unable to leave their homes, and at the same time they do not have enough money for a down payment ensures that they came out of the city.

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