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Azwaip setback reveal "pocket Daasha" 30-km stretch between Tikrit and Kirkuk length



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Azwaip setback reveal "pocket Daasha" 30-km stretch between Tikrit and Kirkuk length

Post by rocky on Tue 27 Sep 2016, 3:07 am

Azwaip setback reveal "pocket Daasha" 30-km stretch between Tikrit and Kirkuk length

 Baghdad / Wael blessing 

Soft security zones sour western Anbar and northern Salahuddin celebrate those areas liberated from Daesh. As prevent statement liberated areas free of Daesh, they hinder thereturn of the displaced to their areas. 
 Reveals the attacks on the army and theforces allied in Azwaip, north of Baiji, and wetlands are flaws in the "strategic Skip" pursued by the joint forces in the liberation of some areas. 
Before 3 months, Daesh resurfaced again in the northern parts of the gray 6 months after the liberation of the city, before the start of last week 's new military operations to liberate those areas. Conversely returned gunmen organization, yesterday, to control the Azwaip village, near mountains Makhoul Heights, after 24 hours of editing, and a week of editing Sharqat village , which is located in the southern tape. Iraqi forces announced a "tactical withdrawal" from that village. 
The Azwaip battles is the first setback faced by Iraqi forces for months, after the liberation of Qayyarah and Sharqat. 
Edit undiminished! 
Declared the governor of Salahuddin Ahmed al - Jubouri, last Saturday, the liberation of the village Azwaip, south spend Sharqat stressing that Azwaip represent the last bastions of "Daesh" governorate. 
he Jubouri that "maintaining free fully from groups Daesh criminal after the liberation of their last stronghold in Azwaip area of Salahaddin province." 
but Khazaal al - Qaisi, a member of the Council of Salahuddin province, said that "Azwaip not another village in Salahuddin , which is still , however Daesh. " 
the al - Qaisi, a representative of Baiji in the provincial council, through contact with the (range), that there are " three villages between Makhoul Mountains and the River Tigris , including Azwaip, still , however ,militants Daesh , "pointing to "the presence of an occupying the villages of regulation set in the slot area that links Kirkuk , Salah al - Din." 
the joint forces, which recently liberalized the bulk of Sharqat process "peek" in just two days, had left behind a group villages , however , militants Daesh. This stretch of villages between Makhoul Mountains and theTigris River in a mountain bar bumpy with a length of about 30 km. 
And returned forces day Saturday, for the liberation of some of those villages in the "fast" process was not accompanied by air cover and clear, and hit on its impact violently attacked "Daesh", so I decided withdrawal.

What happened in Azwaip? 
criticized Marwan mighty, a spokesman for the families of Salahuddin, one of leaders in the field, the recent military operation , which began as if it were a reaction to "ill - advised" on Tikrit recent bombings. 
he said the mighty, told the (range) yesterday that "when I came under heavy attack from several aspects in Azwaip Iraqi troops, has decided not to sacrifice the depopulated village." 
the organization Daesh has decided, in June, the evacuation Azwaip of all its inhabitants, not to Mwalathm him, according to close to insurgent positions. 
and Geography Azwaip where the village is located, illustrates the powerful, a leader in mobilizing Salahuddin, said that "Azwaip met Zab area in Kirkuk, as the river separating distance between them only 200 meters, an area under the control of Daesh." The leader of the popular crowd , "When the troops arrived to Azwaip, attacked Daesh mortars from the point of the river to the east, as gunmen attacked fabricated weapons from the west Makhoul Mountains", pointing out that the militants Daesh taking nearly Snetn, from the caves of themountains shelters for them. 

Hawija process 
remains Daesh organization in the other side of the Tigris River, Asatraly regions with an area of 100 km. The start of Haj Ali village, south of Mosul, and left the coast of Herquat, passing Bahoijh and other areas which are located to the south. The form of these areas a major threat to areas east of Salaheddin adjacent to it. 
Criticizes tremendous start attacking the villages located to the north of Baiji , before the start of asimultaneous operation in Hawija, likely starting operations at Hawija from several directions in the next month. 
It confirms the leadership of tribal existence of a definitive agreement between the popular crowd and Peshmerga and the government to start operations in Hawija. Attention Marwan tremendous lack of editing Azwaip process to air cover. 

Wetlands attacks the 
same challenges faced by Iraqi forces in Anbar province , which saw the start of operations "crucial", a week ago, on the islands of gray and white. 
Testifies wet spend, and areas of the south - west of Inbar, repeated attacks against the army security forces although edited a few months ago. 
He says see al - Issawi, head of the security committee in the Anbar province, he said that "Daesh hiding in the desert areas , vast wetlands, and is trying to implement the repeated attacks on the security forces." the 
Iraqi army and liberated the humid city, 350 kilometers west of Baghdad, last May. He announced later involve the Anbar tribes forces hold the ground with pieces of military tasks. 
But al - Issawi said (range) yesterday, said that "those forces are insufficient", and called on the government to train a group of people of those areas and providing them with weapons to protect them. 
The news sites close to Daesh on Monday , that the regulation in the wet , " was killed yesterday 25 members of the Iraqi security forces in an attack on a military barracks in kilo 25 area north of the city." on the 
other hand the security forces say Daesh trying engaging security forces battles after cleansing western regions to lift the siege it in Rawah and Anah and Qaim.

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