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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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New York Times: collecting the required Forces for the Liberation of Mosul, represents a major chall



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New York Times: collecting the required Forces for the Liberation of Mosul, represents a major chall

Post by rocky on Tue 27 Sep 2016, 3:12 am

New York Times: collecting the required Forces for the Liberation of Mosul, represents a major challenge to the Baghdad International Alliance

 Translation: Ahmed al-Zubaidi 

It collects different sets of military forces on the outskirts of the city of Mosul in order torestore this historic city in northern Iraq ,which is likely to become a crucial phase in the war against Daesh. 
Traditional coalition - Iraqi troops and the crowd popular Kurdish fighters, and the men of Sunni Arab tribes and US special forces - confirms the importance of this battle. The regaining control of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, would break the back of the armed group, and the elimination of so - called "Caliphate State", at least in Iraq. 
But the victory does not mean the end of the conflict. Iraq in the post - Daesh could see the outbreak ofhostilities and discounts with ease between the coalition parties , which is fighting Daesh. The 
battle, which is expected to start end of the year, can be a long and cumbersome. As fighters Daesh ready for any attack, and they have hundreds of thousands of city residents who Atakdhunhm as human shields potential. 
As the flight of the population, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the Kurdish region in Iraq around Mosul, where the camps already overcrowded with more than 1.6 million displaced people over the past two years.Humanitarian organizations accelerated their preparations for a possible exodus of more than a million people could Icherdhm attack Mosul. Mosul is the largest booty obtained by gunmen after they overran many cities north and west and central Iraq in the summer of 2014, and was vital to the Mosul area Daesh. As provided cash reserves in the banks huge Daesh financial resources, and helped the infrastructure and human resources available in the city to establish alleged in Iraq and Syria state. 
Mosul was the site chosen by the Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi to his first public appearance after the declaration of the state, and gave a speech about victory in a historic mosque in the old city. Over the past two years, it shows that a lot of Daesh leaders operating from the connector. 
If the connector has been restored, it will be a major turning point in the war against Daesh since 2014 andwould not leave for Daesh only a few pockets in Iraq. The reactions fighters Daesh the loss of their battles is a return to guerrilla tactics or withdraw to Syria to defend their land there, which began too rapidly shrinking as well. 
For several weeks, the various forces cut the tentacles of terrorists in several lands in Nineveh province, where the capital city Mosul and that control of the villages and the main lines of supply to Daesh. 
However, the nearest point where there is the Iraqi army , about 50 km south of Mosul , there remain dozens of villages controlled by insurgents and a large number of the civilian population, which must forces to seize it before it up to the outskirts of the city. Kurdish forces are and remain the closest, some are not far to thenorth and east of the city , only 15 km. 
Has sped alliance US - led forces in the training of Iraqi forces and Kurdish fighters forces, and has intensified courses that used to take more than two months to just four weeks. 
In July, announced the Pentagon said more than 560 soldiers from the US forces deployed in Iraq to turn theair base in Qayyarah , south of Mosul, to springboard final assault center. 
what the Iraqi army continues to suffer from a shortage of soldiers, estimated that the shortage of about 30,000 troops in order to initiate the attack, the troops were deployed in an attempt to control the areas restored, especially in Anbar province in western Iraq. 
he says Maj . Gen. Gary Voleski, commander of US ground forces in Iraq , "the biggest challenge is toassemble the troops needed to get to Mosul." If you want to pull people from Anbar to in order to go to Mosul, you should put someone else in his place there. " 
The fragmented Iraqi army much when soldiers in Mosul fled from the front face of Daesh fighters two years ago, and disappeared a third of his troops. In the months that followed , it was revealed that tens ofthousands of the listed soldiers in the records did not have a presence, there were fake names were their salaries go into the pockets of the leaders. 
since then, it has been re - building the army slowly, while other armed groups force like the crowd andKurdish forces in Iraq began to grow steadily. 
and began the differences between the joint forces in the fight Daesh already appears, is likely to reach itspeak after the defeat Daesh. 
It is incumbent upon the government, led by Shiites in Baghdad to do to achieve a balance between these factions. the most urgent question is whether the Shiite factions and Kurdish forces will join the attack on thepredominantly Sunni Arab Mosul. it 's a sensitive issue. 
the accused factions of the crowd to carry out abuses against Sunnis in other areas has recovered from Daesh. and if the Kurds took over parts of the city, it gives them a solid sheet in future negotiations on theland they own. 
the Prime Minister said Haider al - Abadi said all forces will participate in the liberation of Mosul process. But at a news conference last week, also said that the Iraqi military decisions must respect the ethnic balance offlour in Nineveh province, where most of the population of Sunni Arabs, with the numbers of Kurds, Shiites and Christians, Yazidis and other minorities. 
When asked what would be the role of the crowd in Mosul, al - Abadi was cautious , "I do not want to Daesh benefit from sectarian conflict." 
the regain control of Mosul , a major political boon to Ebadi. Since he presided over the government for more than two years, is facing a growing sentiment against the government, which was fueled by Daesh attacks in the capital and around, and the failure to combat corruption or reconciliation. 
Ebadi said that he believes that Iraq is more united today than it was when he took office, but the difficulties are It is still possible that the "new challenges" show after the liberation of Mosul. 
He adds , "some people say to me that we must delay the release of Mosul , because of these challenges. but I say no."

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