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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The terrorists of different nationalities to group Jhadih..kev get this ?!



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The terrorists of different nationalities to group Jhadih..kev get this ?!

Post by rocky on Tue 27 Sep 2016, 3:16 am

.. The terrorists of different nationalities to group Jhadih..kev get this ?!

d. Qassim Hussein Saleh 

| The first episode |
Preoccupied with global thinking on terrorism analysis of the most dangerous phenomenon seen in this century to provide a scientific answer to this problem: terrorists are coming to Iraq, Syria and Libya from different backgrounds: religiously, socially, educationally, ideology, internationally, lifetime ... and succeed jihadist organizations in the recruitment and integration in one group homogeneous: socially and ideologically, and Danaa..vkiv get this?
And to provide Iraqi scientific contribution researcher has adopted a project aimed Poll elites specialist, academic and concerned thephenomenon of terrorism from intellectuals, to form the Arab and international to the efforts of the Iraqi mind and close the problematic most dangerous phenomenon that threatens Iraq and the Arabs and the world analysis. 
Determined this episode surveyed psychiatrists inside Iraq and those working in the British medical institutions, as most know the motives psychological human psyche, including those who participated and presented research at an international conference on terrorism. 
We note in advance that the reader Karim may find some consensus what is believed to be scratching his feelings or offends their beliefs, even though it represents the opinion believed owner that are right in it, especially since it emanates from the campaign doctorate in psychiatry, it does not mean that we are with this opinion for or against Mak..vlhzh task will be the final episode. 
was our call to our colleagues psychiatrists have received attention , "the question posed by Professor Qasim is very important because it affect our future, whether we are inside the Islamic nations or outside, the world Mtfaragaalana will not stay and we practice terrorism for a long time, and it thinks it is the most important, and that " a question worthy of extensive study and meditation" .onnbh others to "we want to discuss a very important topic, so you must We are seen scientifically and put taboos and sanctuaries aside, and leave theissue of fumbling and wounded feelings , and if the religious on the head with a feather , as they say. " 
colleagues physicians in terms of the causes of terrorism multiple: political, economic, psychological, social, Danah..fima person a number of them the reason agreed President as a "cybernetic or Abestmologi, and that the political, economic and social causes and Alnevsah..ha product of cognitive problem." 
Among them were from raised the issue very Alhassasah..badhm pilgrimage reason for the recovery ofterrorism, as they Osfoa "the only pilgrimage experience successful from the point of view while those who are the cause of the production of the complete destruction and death and ruin, which played a role in thesmelting of these hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the crucible Daesh in them are ready to make their service to their goals. " The response was present from the others that Christians and other religions practiced Vatican visits to temples and these rituals constitute a cause of terrorism, and that it should not be insulting the feelings of one billion Muslims Akhaddchha small number of those who claim that they are of them and abuse them , "to respond again , " that Islamic law may select Arcana important complementary these rituals applicable to Muslims, including Corner Jihad in the process, and here lies the problem and the subject of our discussion. 
"jihad in the deep meaning is to kill all who stand against the thought of the spread of the Islamic religion or defend him." 
third team considers that not everyone who went to the pilgrimage is a terrorist enterprise, including our people and faithful to their religion, but it can be likened to the force that pays a terrorist and nationalities, religions and different backgrounds, to leave their families and their loved ones and join the Daesh that is like going to practice a ritual tired Ktqos pilgrimage, Both are standing behind them , a sacred goal in order toplease God and win Pferdosh, and to achieve a sacred corner of the pillars of Islam and Jihad in the process, it 's because the ideological Bible is the foundation, while the other minor , but poor nations were like India, Sri Lanka and other African countries is a Muslim first to join the sons of the Gulf states affluent. " 
the (idea jihadist) the subject of controversy, with some of them explained it Perceptions different interpretations. Despite the order it insured violence against the other in the defense of the true religion, it does not need to join a terrorist organization, but only enough to read books that traditional or modern or listen to live or recorded speeches urges to perform the duty of jihad. He cited one driver Taxi Muslim from Bradford - Bertania, traveled to Glasgow for the sole reason of the attack on the man of the Ahmadiyya sect was said to have claimed prophethood, because he considered it his duty to defend Islam and then silence and end the Ahmadi man who were not having any personal knowledge of it at all. and psychological medical examination has concluded that the killer was not suffering from any mental illness, there is no evidence he belonged to any extremist organization ".oucael adding: How do we explain to people of ordinary Muslims who attacked the offices of newspapers in Europe published a well - known cartoons and led to enormous losses? others will answer that: there is a group committed similar terrorist crime of killing taxi driver Pakistani origin in Lincoln - Britain is similar to the reason they are extremists Christians. and explain that terrorism does not pleading religion or doctrine , or pilgrimage to the holy places or other but the final already and motives material and moral Moryate that believed by the person or groups that circulate and exploit some aspects of recruiting supporters to them. 
 and see the number of psychiatrists that the term jihad has become used only the negative sense and remember the positive aspects, "Jihad is not killing, not terrorism, it self inherent in the set and the civilized behavior that calls for jihad his most religions , humanitarian ideas and Alsmoah.waljhad to respond to theoppressor in proportion and done though forgiven, that the top of the jihad, and this is mentioned in the holy books and the Koran. " 
it is expected the number of doctors psychiatrists that terrorist organizations are now in retreat stage because they led their roles drawn from beneficiaries who I drive a phenomenon temporary, while others argue that"the threat of terrorism is threatening the existence of Muslims in earnest unfortunately still blame others or blame each other even though they are all partners in it." 
the incident killed (Ahmadi) Others argue the existence of a fundamental difference between ethnic hate crimes and ethnicity , such as those occurred in Lincoln or elsewhere in Europe and crime that have a religious basis , such as those committed by the taxi driver, in terms of the racial and ethnic hate crimes are often victims of the victims of coincidence and are chosen simply because they were from the group objectionable, and that the offender does not implement the instructions issued by a religious, and it did not prove that any church or a Christian cleric had instigated or supported or applauded such crimes and therefore individual crimes. And draw out attention to the fact that the murder "Ahmadi" in Glasgow were not a crime byaccident, but was targeted personally to the fact that the killer believed that the Prophet Muhammad is theseal of the prophets and so it is his duty to stop the prosecutor prophecy Ahmadi when Hdh..olk ask: What is the ruling the plaintiff prophecy the men Din..hl would support what he did the killer? 
and consistent team of them that "rituals are a way to subdue the followers and made them were led to thethought of clerics who believe that the philosophy of worship is obedience," which means that the exercise ofone of the ritual is the second step after the faith in the idea to become a guided and obedient. "He saved that recruitment begins with faith in thought and practice of ritual worship (obedience), then the choice ofthose who are most amenable, then focus on the jihad religious duty absent to be revived in order to promote the nation Alasalamah.ohm use for the purpose of persuasion strategy similar to (motivational interviewing ) by maximizing the difference between the two cases: the first is what arrived Muslims from the humiliation and dishonor for the time being, and the second as they were of pride and predominance in the heart ofIslam, and then attribute it to the left of jihad. 
Remarkably, that psychiatrists agreed, or ignored, or denied implicitly be a terrorist , injured b (mental illness) or mental defect, and concluded that the main reason is Alvkr..oiqsdon its beliefs that Chksoua the idea ofjihad , whether as a first hypothesis for a Muslim, or be tempted by the pleasures of material and moral privileges will in the paradise of the quotes in the way of Allah. They differed on religious rituals if they are themeans to implement the idea of jihad , which obliges obedience, or unrelated to the industry terrorist .. whether they are Muslim or of religions Okhry.olm get into the reasons why foreigners of other faiths havecome from America and European nations to join the organizations is the terrorist, that others may Achksa it related to access to money and sex and love of adventure, or the expression of the feeling of injustice and alienation. 
in the second episode we'll show the views of a number of thinkers and intellectuals.

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