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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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11 assault bloody pre-empt the strict measures implemented by the Baghdad operations since the begin



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11 assault bloody pre-empt the strict measures implemented by the Baghdad operations since the begin

Post by rocky on Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:25 am

11 assault bloody pre-empt the strict measures implemented by the Baghdad operations since the beginning of the week

 Baghdad / term 

Aborted three bloody bombings in Baghdad, on Tuesday, security emergency plan imposed by the Baghdad operations across the capital for the fourth consecutive day. And caused security plan to cut off roads in the Karkh and Rusafa, and led to the aggravation of the crisis of traffic jams. 
And caused three explosions 87 civilians were among the dead and wounded. 
Since Saturday evening , Baghdad is witnessing radical unprecedented security, pride , security views to the receipt of intelligence on terrorist operations and imminent plans to organize Daesh for implemented against commercial sites in the capital. 
over the past four days, Baghdad has seen 11 attacks against civilians in different neighborhoods in thecapital. And spotted (range) implementation by 3 explosive belts attacks, and 5 bottles, three attacks targeting shops owners and car for public transport. 
A security source in the Interior Ministry's (long - Presse), yesterday, he said that "two suicide Bhzaman vests targeted the New Baghdad district which left 43 people between dead and wounded. " 
The source added , " An hour later signed a third bombing targeted a belt - Baya area, southwest ofBaghdad, which left 11 dead and 33 wounded. " A bomb exploded near Alwa Rasheed to sell fruit and vegetables in Abu Dsheer neighborhood in Dora, south of Baghdad, killing one person and wounding eight others were injured, according to the same source. As exploded in 
turn, adopted a regulation Daesh in two separate statements, published on sites close to it, both suicide attacks. Single statements and pointed to a suicide bomber named "Abu Ayyub al- Iraqi" blew himself up in New Baghdad. Another said that the statement , "Abu Huzaifa Iraqi Matuszha explosive vest to mediate themasses reject the infidels in the Bayaa area to shed his blood Hasadda apostates." 
The attacks come two days after the killing of six people , similar to the bombing targeted a gathering of citizens in the housing neighborhood in western Baghdad, and adopted by the organization Daesh too. 
he said logistical Saad, a member of the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, (long - Presse) that "stringent security measures in the capital came as a result of the existence of real threats, and they will continue for a while to make sure the danger has passed." 
the logistical "the existence of intelligence reports confirm the intent of Daesh gangs terrorist attack onBaghdad in response to recent heavy losses incurred in the various fronts. " He noted that "stringent measures taken offline came preserve the lives of citizens , despite what caused inconvenience to them." 
The member of the Baghdad Provincial Council that " the intelligence confirmed the intention Daesh carry outattacks in the capital but did not specify the exact place that the security forces had to be careful and toboost the beside me Rasafa and Al Karkh with a focus on areas that are expected to be targeted. " 
he said local administrator" should have been on the security forces inspect every meter areas of Baghdad belt for the presence of many terrorist hideouts there. " 
In the same context, she stressed to the Commission on human rights in Parliament on the need to the use of modern technology in the detection of explosives. 
Dan Committee chairman MP Abdul Rahim al - Shammari in a statement received (range) a copy of it yesterday, "acts of terrorism Aljpanin who Tala innocent in the new Baghdad area, Baya Dhathma and claimed a number of innocent citizens." The Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights in Parliament that " the tightening of security forces at checkpoints inside the city , which burdened the Iraqi citizen did not help", calling for " the need for security services , accounting defaulting in the performance of their duty and activate the intelligence effort through the use of technology in the detection of explosives." He criticized theAttorney - Shammari, in another statement, the security measures taken by the Baghdad Operations Command in the capital since the days of that, saying it contributed to crack down on citizens. 
The Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights "We do not know why the checkpoints remain in thestreets of the capital without having to play any positive role Why spread checkpoints and joint Almrabotat in Baghdad without any security measures, only to delay the citizens and creating a hustle irrigated. " 
Shammari said" the Baghdad operations command , to clarify the actions taken in the capital, and the lack ofrestrictions on citizens who are suffering mainly from the presence of checkpoints scattered. " 
the president of the Human rights Commission that "restrictions on freedom of movement for citizens, a clear violation of human rights and the Constitution of Iraq that allows freedom of movement for citizens." 
He called al - Shammari Baghdad operations command to "clarify through its spokesman , what is happening in the capital a few days ago, and to build trust with citizens who do not know about everything that ishappening, and affected by the tight security measures is unjustified. " 
Commenting on the bloody attacks in Baya and new Baghdad, President Fuad Masum , confirmed that it" will not pass without retaliation fair and fast. 
He said a presidential statement, received (range) a copy of it, that "President Fuad Masum , strongly condemned the suicide terrorist bombings that targeted with explosive belts regions Baya, new Baghdad, which resulted in the death and wounding a number of civilians, expressing his sorrow for the death and injury innocent Iraqi citizens as a result of these criminal bombings." 
The President of the Republic that "these attacks heinous terrorist will not pass without punishment fair and expeditious. " He called on " the security authorities to take urgent measures to totally eliminate lurking innocent citizens of terrorist cells and to take all immediate measures to prevent the occurrence of such criminal attacks again." 
Through infallible president expressed "deep condolences and sympathy to families of martyrs and wounded of all the terrorist bombings that took place recently , " and called to "and help their families and make every effort to provide prompt treatment to the wounded care."

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