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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Barzani in Baghdad to coordinate the battle of Mosul and resolve outstanding issues



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Barzani in Baghdad to coordinate the battle of Mosul and resolve outstanding issues

Post by rocky on Wed 28 Sep 2016, 2:28 am

Barzani in Baghdad to coordinate the battle of Mosul and resolve outstanding issues

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

Revealed deputies from the coalition of state law, on Tuesday, for an expected visit to Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani to Baghdad this weekend to raise several issues the most important coordination on the battle to liberate Mosul political file between Baghdad and Erbil.
In addition, he confirmed the decision the House of Representatives that the visit agenda will include search Federal budget's oil law. 
the visit by Barzani to Baghdad, a month after the visit of a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad headed by Nechirvan Barzani, who met with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and anumber of leaders of the blocks, and discussed with them a number of issues , most notably the participation of the Peshmerga in the battle of the restoration of Mosul . 
the visit in the framework of efforts being made by the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional government to resolve all differences and problems and challenges the relationship between the two sides, and included in the budget that the government was working to put the finishing touches to its provisions law. 
it is the first visit by the head of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad since Haider al - Abadi take over as prime minister in 2014. 
the last meeting between al - Abadi and Barzani had held, in February, on the sidelines of the Munich security Conference. According to a statement of the Prime Minister 's Office, the Abadi and Barzani discussed during the meeting, many of the issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan region and work to resolve them and the continuation of meetings between officials. " 
In this context, says MP Abbas al - Bayati, a member of a coalition of state law, in an interview (long - Presse ) that " the President of the Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani will visit Baghdad this weekend to raise several issues, most notably freeing the city of Mosul and the process of organizing the participation of thePeshmerga forces in the coming battle." 
He said al - Bayati said , " the visit also comes to the exchange of views in regards to the political file and developments and the outstanding issues . " , expressing "welcome Baghdad this visit." 
for his part, MP said Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, the House of Representatives decision in an interview with(long - Presse), " the Kurdistan region President Massoud Barzani 's visit to Baghdad at this juncture has many implications , " saying "Baghdad needs to visit to discuss a lot of files of federal budget law for next year as well as the oil file also." 
The visit by Barzani to Baghdad a week after the withdrawal of the House of Representatives of confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari , who belongs to the Democratic bloc Kurdistan. 
observers fear that leads to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Finance to obstruct the efforts ofcoordination between Erbil and Baghdad for the start of liberalization of Mosul process. 
he said Zebari withdrawal of confidence with him that he "was in retaliation for the person the minister and the Kurdistan region and the Government of Haider al - Abadi , " stressing "the existence of a deliberate intention by the state law and the person of its leader Nuri Maliki to withdraw confidence Me aim of thecollapse of the current government. " 
the withdrawal of confidence from the minister and veteran leader of the Kurdistan Democratic party, just days after presiding over the head of the Kurdistan region of a meeting between the Iraqi army and thePeshmerga forces, and was attended by officials from the international coalition, reached an agreement described as" historic "the division of roles between the forces that will participate in the battle to liberate Mosul anticipated. 
in the context of the discussions by the leaders of political forces, met with President of Kurdistan region, at his residence in Arbil, president of the national coalition , Iyad Allawi. 
according to the statement by the presidency of the Kurdistan region, seen by the (long) , it was in themeeting , discuss and debate the war against Daesh and the process of liberalization of Mosul and post Daesh. And they exchanged views on the latest developments in the political crisis in Iraq and the political process in the Kurdistan region.

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