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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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New Yorker: exodus from Mosul catastrophe is imminent, Baghdad and Washington Aadztan to deal with i



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New Yorker: exodus from Mosul catastrophe is imminent, Baghdad and Washington Aadztan to deal with i

Post by rocky on Wed 28 Sep 2016, 2:29 am

New Yorker: exodus from Mosul catastrophe is imminent, Baghdad and Washington Aadztan to deal with it

 Translation: Ahmed al-Zubaidi 

Features looming humanitarian disaster will occur in northern Iraq. It is expected that Weaver of thousands of the city of Mosul when they start the Iraqi government forces backed by the United States, moving to regain control of the city from the control of the organization Daesh, who dominated them two years ago. 
Military operation , which is long overdue may begin as early as next month, but aid workers say they do not have any sufficient amount of resources, money or manpower to deal with the human tide is expected. 
said Alex Milutinovic, director of the international rescue Committee in Arbil , "it is a nightmare, it 's a disaster coming our way." The Iraqi government is determined to destroy Daesh, but it is impossible to accommodate the refugees that would result from the military operation. " 
The plans of the Iraqi and American governments to regain control of Mosul since invaded Daesh the country and captured the city in 2014. The reasons for this are clear and urgent: Vohala Mosul have become hostages of Daesh . 
In the last month, according to a reports from inside the city, the elements Daesh arrested ninety people oncharges of spying for the Iraqi government and executed sixty of them. 
Once you begin a military operation, it is possible to prevent fighters Daesh the civilian population to flee to use them as human shields. In the end , it is likely to be the destruction of a lot of parts of the city of Mosul. 
without proper preparation of the military operation, you can have that are similar to what happened in thefirst Gulf war or the civil war in Rwanda, which Hdtta in the nineties of the twentieth century, has resulted inboth of them hundreds of thousands of refugees, and enormous suffering. 
I have to drive relief alarm workers to alert the Iraqi and US leaders, but the preparations for the attack Tstmraly leaps and bounds. the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said in a joint appearance with President Obama, this week at UN headquarters, it expects to begin military operations as soon as late October time. 
the Abadi and other Iraqi officials are ignoring concerns about the refugees and the likelihood of civilian deaths and give assurances optimistic that everything will be fine. 
Gen. Yahya Messenger, Iraqi army spokesman, has Obrsahevh Financial Times recently that "grab Mosul will be completed in record time. " 
in Depkh refugee camp outside Arbil, you can identify the features of what will be the future. The camp is one of the many camps scattered throughout Iraqi Kurdistan, where he gathered a million and a half refugees from other parts of Iraq and Syria in tents, schools and mosques. 
Aid workers say that half of them children. It has been designed Depkh Complex, to accommodate twenty -eight thousand people, and inhabited today nearly forty thousand, desperate families fled the ongoing fighting to this day. The 
camp is the image of filth: families sleeping on the floor, and children play near sewage sanitation systems exposed, nor can the possibility of odor emitted by them, in many parts of the camp. 
on Wednesday , as I was there, I saw two hundred people who have fled the fighting in Qayyarah field, a town outside Mosul recovered by the Iraqi army earlier this month, were standing in a queue along fence outside the warehouse and the women were dressed in black gowns, and many of them get caught in thechildren waiting for what was rumored that the distribution of mattresses to sleep process , while hundreds ofothers have gathered at the entrance. I tried to ask questions, but mostly they ask me. 
Amira Ali, who covers her face green veil, she asked me , "My brother, do you know where I can get the milk? I have babies. I am without milk a week ago." 
He told her the photographer who follows me: Go to hospital , you can get the milk there. Replied : "I have gone, but they gave me a piece of paper, and I waited and did not come one." 
Princess is the mother of five children, arrived at the Depkh week ago. Since then, she says she and her family were stretched out on the ground in an abandoned school! 
The woman standing in the queue after which it was named Naila Ismail. Most of the women were in a row, and when you see the male approaching, Ashabn Biguenha gowns and their faces were not disturbed Naila. 
Has reached only two days ago, with the other ten members of Aailtha- her husband and six children, and three grandchildren. When I asked her about her, she said: I do not know. I am too old. 
They told me they had fled the fighting in Qayyarah and arrived at the camp after walking for seven hours."The situation was terrible. We fled because we were afraid. There were shells falling all around us." 
And what about you now? "We do not have anything. We do not have a tent. I am standing in the queue waiting to get on a mattress for me and my family." 
I was wandering in the Debaga camp - was a sewage smell fills Alozkh- I realized that it does not represent only a fraction of the chaos that is likely get soon. 
Vlogel accommodate an additional million refugees who are expected to flee from Mosul, the UN and other aid organizations operating in northern Iraq need to build twenty - five camps just like Debaga camp, within thirty days. There is no evidence that any of them has begun created so far. 
In fact , the plans that are talking about it can only be described as a source of laughter: it is supposed to be sent 250,000 refugees by bus to the city of Tikrit, to inhabit the abandoned houses by others who fled the fighting there. 
"It 's crazy '', thus described the aid agency Milutinovic manager, these plans. he told me Milutinovic that none of the refugees who are fleeing the city are expected to live in the camp for at least a year. there will be a need for two hundred and forty million dollars to aid this number of refugees, but it has received aid agencies so far is less than half that amount. 
he told me Amin Obaid, who oversees the camp Depkh, "if it arrives and a half million people, we can feed them for only two days, it 's very worrying. There are not enough. " 
Guarantees have heard from the Iraqi government before, but he left with scarce resources itself. And has no confidence that the country 's leaders would do something different this time. 
In public appearance in New York earlier this week, Obama spoke and Abadi at length about the upcoming military operation in Mosul, but they did not Icola almost nothing about the hundreds of thousands of refugees who flee due process. maybe it 's time to turn the attention of the two leaders to that.

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