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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh back to the role of the bombing 100 houses in less than a week



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Daesh back to the role of the bombing 100 houses in less than a week

Post by rocky on Wed 28 Sep 2016, 2:30 am

Daesh back to the role of the bombing 100 houses in less than a week

 Salahuddin / long-Presse 

It announced the district council 's role in Salahuddin province, on Tuesday, that five houses were detonated improvised explosive devices planted by members of al - Daesh, east of the judiciary, as he emphasized that the organization 100 houses blew through last week. 

He said Ali Hassan, head of a district council 's role in an interview with (long - Presse) that " the elements ofal - Daesh attacked in the early hour of Monday night, Alaath village, east of the Elimination round, (25 km east of Tikrit) and detonated IED five free of residents homes , " warning "Back Daesh to other villages after growing pressure on him and expel him from the cities in Salahuddin. " Al - Hassan said that " theorganization is free from dawn 100 people home during the week in the eastern axis of the spend in addition to the displacement of 50 families were displaced , including 13 last night, because of concerns over thedeteriorating security situation and the fear of repudiation of responsibilities." Local official confirmed that he offered the risks of the subject and the decline of support in front of the eyes of the provincial council chairman and held several contacts with the leadership of Samarra, Salahuddin processes to clarify the risks Altmahl. For his part, Ahmed Karim, Chairman of the Board of Salahuddin province, for (long - Presse) that he "held a meeting with the commander of the Samarra operations and held contacts with the leaders of thepopular crowd to remedy the situation and to strengthen the security forces", stressing the need to "support us General Command of the Armed Forces to ensure no loss security achievements. " 
this is the second breach faced by the security forces after a week of editing Sharqat the last strongholds Daesh in Salahuddin. He returned militants regulation, earlier this week, to control the Azwaip village, near mountains Makhoul Heights, after the announcement edited by government forces that have returned and announced a "tactical withdrawal" of those carried out by the village. The Azwaip battles, the first "setback" faced by Iraqi forces for months, after the liberation of Qayyarah and Sharqat. 
Local officials in Salahuddin (range), on Monday, that "Azwaip not another village in Salahuddin , which remains , however Daesh." On the other hand, reported a source in the leadership of Salahuddin operations, that the security forces repulsed an attack to regulate Daesh seven wheels bomb targeted a security pieces in hand Tlul Alpag, north of Tikrit , also confirmed the deaths of 15 elements of the organization during theclashes. The source said, in an interview with (long - Presse), " The organization Daesh launched an attack targeting security cuts north side Tlul Alpag, north of Tikrit, seven wheels bomb driven by suicide bombers," stressing that " the pieces of the security support from the Air International Alliance of Iraq 's air force wasable to to repel the attack and destroy the bombs wheels. " The source, who asked not to be named, said : " The security forces also managed to kill 15 elements of the organization members who launched the attack ," stressing that " the situation was brought under control now." And sour soft security zones western Anbar and northern Salahuddin celebrate those areas liberated from Daesh. As currently prevent the liberated areas free of Daesh, they hinder the return of the displaced to their areas. And reveal the attacks on the army and allied forces in Azwaip, north of Baiji, and an imbalance in the wet "Skip strategy" pursued by the joint forces in the liberation of some areas.

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