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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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For fear of a US asylum Daesh of chemotherapy pay to supply Iraq with 50 thousand a protective mask



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For fear of a US asylum Daesh of chemotherapy pay to supply Iraq with 50 thousand a protective mask

Post by rocky on Wed 28 Sep 2016, 2:32 am

For fear of a US asylum Daesh of chemotherapy pay to supply Iraq with 50 thousand a protective mask

 Baghdad / long-Presse AFP 

I expected the Pentagon, Monday, to seek and organize Daesh to use mustard element, a form of non - Ghazi and primitive chemical weapons dangerous, to deal with the attack ,which Iraqi forces are preparing to attack on Mosul. Said Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, " We can expect that the more progress the attack on Mosul, try Daesh use" munitions containing mustard element. 
He explained Pentagon spokesman , said members of the organization have already used these munitions "twenty times", pointing out that they are still so far , "primitive" and "non - military mission." Davis pointed out that the mustard element is placed in ammunition in the form of "powder (...) without the degree ofdensity be fatal." The suspect and the Pentagon that this material was used in the last week of ammunition were fired at US soldiers in Qayyarah base in northern Iraq , which is converted into a logistics center insupport of Mosul. It was all the American soldiers in Iraq who may be exposed to chemical munitions on how to cope with situations of this kind training, has also been equipped with the necessary equipment to do so. 
Davis said , "They are receiving frequent training before heading to places like Qayyarah," adding that Washington also supplied Iraqi forces more than fifty thousand a protective gas mask. "We want that theIraqi forces and the Peshmerga are (fighters Kurds) is able to monitor the " mustard element and "protect themselves." 
Reported the Pentagon that elements of the organization in charge of themselves making mustard element, which means that they did not receive it from an earlier inventory of mustard gas by the Iraqi army or Syrian.In a related context, spokesman for the International Alliance of John Dorian, on Tuesday, that theinternational coalition will not participate combat troops in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul, adding that the role of his troops would be limited to providing logistical support and implementation of air strikes. 
The United States is leading an international coalition against al Daesh in Iraq and Syria, as shown further states his desire to participate in this campaign, after the growing threat of regulation and the accession number of the citizens of these countries to the ranks of the organization and the fear of returning to carry out operations within their own countries. 
said John Dorian, during a press conference at the US embassy in central Baghdad and attended (range Press), said that " the international coalition will not participate combat troops in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul , " stressing that " the role of the troops would be limited to providing logistical support to the Iraqi security forces and implementation of air strikes." 
Dorian said that " the Iraqi government is set a date for the start of the battle to liberate the city , "likely to" experience the city of Mosul , battles between Iraqi forces and organize Daesh where the organization to build tunnels and placements fighting inside the city. " 
The spokesman for the international coalition that" the international coalition aircraft targeted oil sites to organize Daesh B314 blow , "adding that "these strikes will deprive regulation of financial funding," he continued to collect intelligence on the leaders of al Daesh. 
He pointed out that Dorian " the number of elements of the international coalition forces in Iraq with a 8000 element, including 4,500 from the US forces." He stressed that "any increase in the number of international coalition forces , will be the approval of the Iraqi government , " likely to "organize Daesh numbers of fighters ranging in Mosul between 3000 to 5000 element."

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