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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Anbar's tribes: a large bribes to release leaders Daesh the complicity of corrupt officers and judge



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Anbar's tribes: a large bribes to release leaders Daesh the complicity of corrupt officers and judge

Post by rocky on Sat 01 Oct 2016, 2:43 am

Anbar's tribes: a large bribes to release leaders Daesh the complicity of corrupt officers and judges

 Baghdad / Wael blessing 

Directed tribal leaders in Anbar, and local officials, the finger of security officers and authorities to "release" from the "leaders" within the organization , "Daesh" bribes inexchange for sometimes up to a million dollars. Activists speak of gray for "political deals" behind the release of the leaders in Daesh 10 months after the liberation of the city. 
Before that, tribal and security agencies announced the preparation of lists of names belonging to Daesh in Anbar. The lists included the names of 10 thousand name. And it holds more than a government agency , and security in Anbar with the task of investigating suspected to Daesh. The local government says it is following the matter closely with "judges", but it is Ati there are some cases in which released some of the militants.And it pledged to tribes in Anbar, after the liberation of gray, to keep the "victory is difficult , " that has beenachieved. Also it refused to allow the return of belonging to "Daesh" again. 
The "tribal Almentvdh Council against Daesh", which was formed in 2014 to support the army and security forces, it was agreed with the Anbar tribes to declare the Charter of the clan to prevent the fall of the cities again , however Daesh. 
And prepared a tribal council lists of hundreds of names of the personalities involved and supportive of Daesh in Anbar. And the dissemination of the Council, early last year, a list of 50 names all belong to Daesh figures, including Salman Aziz Ahmed Alnofal, director of intelligence in the former regime, as well as other names of the employees in the health, customs, teachers and university professors. 

Tribal Charter against Daesh 
but Rafe Fahdawi, the leader of the tribe Albu Fahd in Anbar, criticized the lack enter the "code of honor" yet entered into force, arguing that the application of the Charter is similar in Salahuddin prevented the release of terrorists. Fahdawi said, in connection with the (range) yesterday, that " a very large proportion of the names that were in the lists of belonging to Daesh have been arrested", but asserts surprise clans fighting for Daesh to "get out some of these Aldoaash." The leader of the clan that investigative authorities invoked the"absence of a prosecutor , a civil litigant against detainees, or lack of evidence the charges." And it transmits Fahdawi for security officers as saying that "" some detained elements were operating as sources important to them within the gray ", arguing that" this is reason enough for their release. " 
The surprise leader of the tribe Alibovhd which he called" justifications , "pointing out that" some sources, as claimed actors investigative, were killing them by the hand and Afajkhoun wheels! ". the 

fall of the third to Anbar! 
confirms Sheikh Rafi Fahdawi, whose tribe has provided hundreds of children in fighting with Daesh, he said that" some of the released prisoners who are prominent in the organization who live with their families arenow in refugee camps or in other provinces. "He speaks Fahdawi for" receiving some of the investigating officers bribes large amounts versus output terrorists ", warning that" these officers represent a greater risk than the risk of Aldoaash released, because they facilitated the arrival of militants from Syria into gray. "accuse tribal leader known "security agencies" to take large sums of money after the liberation of Anbar , al -Qaeda in 2007, which later led to the downfall of Anbar , once again , however Daesh in 2015. 
the publication of bloggers on Facebook pictures of people were said to have been arrested on charges ofbelonging to Daesh, but were released later. as activists accused some "influential" officials in Anbar, make a deal for the release of some of them. 
those images showed some associate in the government departments and security agencies, as well as great leadership in western Anbar still working employee at the Sunni Endowment. 

bribes in millions of dollars in 
turn reveals flowered Mulla, member of the Anbar tribes Council, "the release of princes and prominent leaders in Daesh versus fictional amounts of up to one million dollars." 
Mulla said, in an interview with the (range) on Friday, said that "bribes are taken by officers in those investigative with belonging to Daesh, determined according to the the importance of the terrorist element ,"pointing to" the existence of a group of corrupt lawyers who assist in the release of the terrorists. " He said asenior member of the Council of the tribes , saying that "more than one party provided lists of wanted men in the name of Al - Anbar, including the police, national security, intelligence, and the popular crowd , who presented a list of B1800 name alone." But the tribal leader admits that half the menu is not correct, and it isbased on inaccurate information, stressing that " the tribes are the only people who know the terrorists are more accurate." Anbar, the Government began to field visits to interrogation centers with belonging to Daesh, against the backdrop of rumors that talk about the release of terrorists in exchange for material amounts. He guessed Taha Abdul Ghani, a member of the Anbar province, in connection with the (term) "the existence ofcases of collusion between elements of the Daesh and some of the investigating officers." The officials spoke in Anbar, according to Abdul Ghani, with judges supervisors detainees files, and were briefed on the ground on the detention and leaves investigative centers. 
He revealed a member of the Anbar provincial council from the "Report of the provincial council 's security authorities for one of the released way raise suspicion, and was moving it quickly."

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