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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Air raid kills Iraqi Wali Hawija and 13 of his aides



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Air raid kills Iraqi Wali Hawija and 13 of his aides

Post by rocky on Sat 01 Oct 2016, 2:48 am

Air raid kills Iraqi Wali Hawija and 13 of his aides

 Kirkuk / long-Presse 

A security source revealed in Kirkuk, killed "Wali Hawija" and 13 element of his aides aerial bombardment of Iraqi Airways. 
The source told (long - Presse) Thursday, said that " the Iraqi air force planes bombed atnoon today, a gathering to organize Daesh, inside the tunnels in Hawija killing Wali Hawija in organizing Daesh called Abu Nasser al -Zubai and 13 element of his aides, and thecollapse of the tunnel. " 
the source, who requested anonymity, that" the bombing was based on accurate intelligence, "without giving further details. 
in addition, it was announced supervisor Guo edit Hawija graduated batch of 250 from the crowd edit Hawija Volunteers, stressing that the power went to the Hamrin mountains. 
this graduation comes at a time the security forces and the Peshmerga popular and crowd massing augmentations on the outskirts of Hawija , in preparation for the liberation of al Daesh. And displaced thousands of families from Hawija to neighboring cities under government control. 
Said Amir tribes slaves, and the supervisor of the liberation force, Sheikh Anwar al- Assi (long - Presse) that "250 fighters have graduated, Thursday, part of the popular crowd Volunteers strength of a crowd of Kirkuk / Saraya edit Hawija led Sheikh descriptive sinner. " 
He added Asi" the force went to the Hamrin Mountains (south of Kirkuk) and joined with the rest of thefighters waiting to zero for the Liberation of Hawija hours of Aldoaash ", directed his thanks to" all lend a hand and contributed to the success of this crowd and trained special Ttaiwiahm Secretary General the Badr Organization , Hadi al - Amiri. " 
In the same context, he emphasized the Orontes, that" terrorist Daesh gangs arrested 50 young residents of the southern regions of Kirkuk and west while trying to prepare for operations target and urged the families to flee , "adding that" extremist organization raided the homes of those young people and taken them to thepoint of unknown. " He 
also revealed Sheikh tribes slaves from the " bomb attack on Wednesday night, ( the 28th of September thecurrent 2016), a meeting of leaders of Daesh village Mahooz, a subsidiary of Hawija , killing at least seven members of the organization and the injury of 25 others , "noting " the house that witnessed the meeting they contain explosive material." 
He favored the commander of the liberation of Hawija force that "the bombing was deliberate in advance theresult of differences taking place in the organization and conflicts between his followers and the loss of control and communicate with them since the siege of the security forces south of Kirkuk regions and west about six weeks ago."

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