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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Alliance: We killed 18 of the leaders of Daesh in Mosul in one month



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International Alliance: We killed 18 of the leaders of Daesh in Mosul in one month

Post by rocky on Sat 01 Oct 2016, 2:52 am

International Alliance: We killed 18 of the leaders of Daesh in Mosul in one month

 translation: Range 

Colonel John Dorian, a spokesman for theprocess of fundamental solution, said supporting Iraqi forces of the international coalition help in framing the battle of Mosul by targeting and directed Daesh leaders from the battlefield. 
Said Dorian, in a press statement, that " the air strikes , the coalition targeted 18 of the terrorist group 'sleaders over the past month alone. 
He added that "13 of them were part of the armed and intelligence networks and communications and finance in Mosul. The Coalition continues to target the group 's leaders and remove them from the battlefield. " 
Targeted air strikes , the coalition military and security leaders and administration officials, media and communications and those responsible for the recruitment of foreign princes and leaders of the so - called Shura Council. He said Dorian , " the bench who have solved these replace the leaders do not have thegoodwill of the leader of the group Baghdadi and are not experienced like them. " 
and continues alliance weakening and tearing up the leadership of the group and loosen their grip on Mosul and the creation of the battlefield in order to edit them. in a matter of two days in Mosul , coalition Abu Hamed Chechen and Abu Jaber Chechen and Abdulrahman Chechen out as responsible for the management and leadership of the fighters in Mosul, weakens foothold presented foreign and abilities in the city. 
coalition forces destroyed the Wael Adel Hassan Salman al - Fayad, alias Dr. Wael, the minister of information and one of the leading members of the Shura Council , which was one of the largest Daesh leaders direct and Associate Baghdadi, and was responsible for the media group 's network and its propaganda and directing terrorist attacks abroad . 
said Dorian that " the elimination of the media official at the time when Daesh under pressure tear illusions that things are going to part , and this is important because it affects the recruitment of foreigners and on external financing." 
another air strike that wiped out the Abu Ahmed Emirate, a division commander Muta responsible for security east Mosul, where he was killed ripping military formations of the group and affect the readiness of theterrorist army for the battle to liberate Mosul. 
coalition another strike killed a father Gardens, Deputy Emir of the military in Mosul, which increases pressure on the leadership of the group 's network. The Abu Gardens - Iraq - responsible for military operations around Mosul , including chemical weapons manufacturing and the defense of the city. It 
also is based coalition to dismantle terrorist laws to impose Daesh in Mosul devices. Dorian said that theCoalition strikes killed Abu Bakr , Emir of the military police east of Mosul. This was an active member of theleadership Daesh and its organs to enforce the law, and to eliminate it will double the pressure on the military leadership in Mosul and reduces their ability to control their population. 
Direct coalition attacks on leadership Daesh disintegration of its leadership and the networks control through the destruction of safe houses and manufacture weapons and equipment storage and supply routes and returns oil. 
additional forces amounting to 600 American fighter that President Obama agreed to send to Iraq Iraqi security forces will help in the liberation of Mosul. 
he said Dorian "will these troops to Iraq in the coming weeks to provide more logistical support and sustain capabilities as we continue to provide advice and assistance to Iraqi forces In addition to providing intelligence support. We will increase our support to the Iraqi forces because of the magnitude of the task and thenumber of troops involved. "

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