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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Lay hands on archive Daesh priority for Washington while editing Mosul



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Lay hands on archive Daesh priority for Washington while editing Mosul

Post by rocky on Sat 01 Oct 2016, 2:55 am

Lay hands on archive Daesh priority for Washington while editing Mosul

 Baghdad / AFP 

The Pentagon hopes to collect "yields" substantial information about the organization Daesh including networks abroad, after therestoration of the city of Mosul from the hands of the elements, according to a military spokesman for the international coalition said on Thursday. It seems that the battle to regain control of Mosul is imminent. 
The United States announced Wednesday it would send 615 additional troops to Iraq, it will be a large number of them experts intelligence Gateway. 
, Said Colonel John Dorian, that these will help the Iraqis to take advantage of the information that will be collected after the entry into the city, as soon as possible. 
the Colonel, in a press conference via closed from Baghdad video circuit, that "when they are freed city like Mosul, can expect huge yields information." 
and it comes Login quickly to computers and hard drives and vector data (U ESPN core) , which was used by the organization, along the lines of what he had done Alliance distant restore Syrian Manbej city. 
according to the spokesman, it has been collecting about 20 terabytes of information after controlling Manbej, which was the center of logistical important for members of the organization near the Turkish border. 
he pointed out that all information collected on the organization Daesh networks " were sent to theintelligence services in the countries of Western Europe," to assist in the efforts against domestic terrorist organizations cells. 
according to the Pentagon, the United States will begin "very quickly, over the coming weeks , " thedeployment of military Al615 additional in Iraq . , 
and it will be a big part of their mission to strengthen the logistics capabilities of the Iraqi army before thebattle of Mosul. 
They must provide , especially the means of landing a night in bad weather in the Ain al - Asad base, in Anbar province, in addition to enhancing air capacity in Qayyarah, which recently organized extracted base, longer locations strategically 65 kilometers from Mosul. 
He Dorian that the international coalition estimated number of elements Daesh present in Mosul between "three thousand and 4500" fighter, which is less than previous estimates, speaking Shahu nearly five thousands fighter appreciated. 
the Supreme Commission for refugees UN, on Thursday, it is preparing to provide assistance to at least 700,000 people in Mosul with the approach of the attack on the second city of Iraq to expel the organization four of them. 
Bruno said Guido, representative of the UN High Commissioner in Iraq, the battle of Mosul , which will belaunched by the end of the year . " one may become one of the biggest disasters in recent years. " 
 He added in a press conference" could force more than a million people to flee over the next attack , and we expect that the 700 needs a thousand people at least to help and to find shelter for them and provide them with food and water. " 
UNHCR camps constructed in anticipation of this large displacement but they need to land and money and time to build additional camps. 
hopes the UN agency the construction of 11 camps by the end of the year with the absorbing capacity of anestimated 120 thousand people while the Iraqi authorities believe it is capable of receiving 150 thousand in other refugee camps , according to Guido. 
 there is still a need to place 450,000 according to estimates. Guido said that the UN has decided to build "emergency camp , " where those who are staying for short periods would be "near the theater ofoperations." He added that "when the establishment of security in their villages , they can return it." 
To be prepared for the United Nations to deploy tents can receive six people , all in one "all the nearby theater areas in case people came out (from Mosul) before the camps to be present." 
In March , more than 61,900 people have fled Mosul and its environs , according to the international Organization for migration.

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