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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Ein al-Assad" threaten Daesh clock .. Anbar and Mosul compete to "issue concerns the" Washington



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Ein al-Assad" threaten Daesh clock .. Anbar and Mosul compete to "issue concerns the" Washington

Post by rocky on Sat 01 Oct 2016, 3:10 am

Heading to a leap in terms of security forces, western Anbar, to be cleared of the organization (Daesh)
"Ein al-Assad" threaten Daesh clock .. Anbar and Mosul compete to "issue concerns the" Washington

Author: AB, AHF, HAA 
Editor: AB, AHF 09.30.2016 20:16 Number of Views: 1631 

Long-Presse / Baghdad
It revealed an American newspaper, for Washington's resolve to strengthen its forces in the Ain al-Assad base west of Ramadi city and provide them with systems of direct landings that allow the aircraft to the implementation of strikes around the clock, and pointed out that the Anbar province topped the attention of Washington, registered the highest rate of air strikes over the past three months, as suggested that the rate of decline of attention to Anbar with a higher focus on the battle of Mosul ratios.
The newspaper "Mlatra Times," the US in a report I followed (range Press), "The US Army revealed this week announced plans to send more US troops to the base eye-Assad west of Ramadi, the monument guide planes landing at the base systems, which will allow for the first time in years for the aircraft since alliance with the al-Qaeda to carry out sorties against organized around the clock ", which would allow radio signals systems for pilots to land during poor visibility conditions during the dark at night or during bad weather conditions.
The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the International Alliance of Colonel Pilot John Dorian said, "The battle against al (Daesh) in Anbar province still exist, in light of the continued control of the organization on the Euphrates River Basin area of ​​West eradicate modern and down to the border with Syria," noting that " so it called on Washington to boost its troop presence in the Al Asad airbase, and supply system for the radio signals to help coalition aircraft in landing and take off from the base during adverse weather conditions. "  
He said Dorian, that "coalition aircraft were still directed air strikes against the organization in Anbar province, and the daily average," he said, adding that "the supplies that have been brought to the base will ensure the ability to continue the air campaign against the presence of the organization (Daesh) in Al-Anbar, and collect an adequate amount of intelligence is doing what the organization and continue to confuse (Daesh) along the Euphrates River basin. "
Based on the daily data issued by the US military, the gray area that has seen the largest average air strikes against (Daesh). For example, the US military said about 98 airstrike near Ramadi during the last three-month period, according to the US newspaper, which suggested that the proportion of attention down to Anbar with a higher focus on the battle of Mosul ratios, while promised to continue fighting in Anbar highlights the maneuver, which is still enjoyed by (Daesh) as well as the challenges faced by Iraq to secure areas after its liberation.
And confirms a spokesman for the international coalition, to "continue the implementation of further air strikes in Anbar comes to paralyze and ripping the organization, and do not give him a chance exposure to Iraqi security forces," returned to "promote the lion base will provide an important advantage during the second phase of the campaign against (Daesh), because strategic location adjacent to the sites organization in Syria and the Euphrates basin Supreme, will help to chase the organization in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. "
According to Dorian, the near Baghdad, the Euphrates river basin areas secured as well as Fallujah and Ramadi, but the receding controlled by US and Iraqi forces in the areas following the Haditha District, where elements of al-Daesh intensely resides in those remote areas, returned to "those that are not suitable areas for the organization , but he embraces the organization attempts continued to regroup his forces to carry out due to distraction and focus position far more on other priorities such as the liberalization of Mosul. "

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