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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Legal expert: The term independence differs from the term secession law



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Legal expert: The term independence differs from the term secession law

Post by rocky on Sat 01 Oct 2016, 3:28 am

[size=30]Legal expert: The term independence differs from the term secession law[/size]
01/10/2016 10:22 | Number of Views: 189
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Direction Press / Baghdad
Legal expert Tareq Harb said that "the term independence differs from the term secession law, saying that" the independence of international law into a legitimate issue, while the question of secession illegal. "
He said in a statement today got "direction Press", a copy of the statement of the Government of Arbil yesterday from visiting the region's president to Baghdad on sayings president of the region in press conferences with the President of Zora and with politicians in Baghdad marked were brief, but Barzani, in one word, said a lot, said the grave of relics that familiarity can not do in many press talk. "
He continued, "said Barzani was clear and Pena and indicating when corrected term separation, which was issued on the lips of Ammar al-Hakim, said independent and not a break, but this term gloss independence multiple connotations, because the independence of the region means that the region was a colony of another country, and that the colony will be free and gain independence, and the province is subject the occupation of Iraq must end the colonization of Iraq and the Iraqi occupation of the region. "
He explained, "The term separation shall be when the leaves part of the state of a state that had enjoyed and it of many and the equality of rights and duties links There is no colonization or occupation and the new state, as happened in Sudan when it was truncated and left the southern part of the State of Sudan and the establishment of a new state called the State of South Sudan, But colonialism Fmthalh great independence of various countries in Asia and Africa, including Iraq's independence from British colonial rule last century. "
He pointed out that "the different names such as independence and separation leads to a difference Titles and varied phrases such as independence and separation leads to variation considerations and contrasting terms as a term of Independence and the term separation, resulting in contrasting legal centers The independence of the occupier and occupied its meaning and its implications both at the internal level, considering that the independence issue is not governed by the Constitution the state or its laws, but it governed by international law. "
He pointed out that "independence does not require a constitutional and legal measures to achieve the Constitution and laws of the occupying power and the colony and so the issue moves from an internal matter into an international issue concerning the right of self-determination of the peoples of colonial and occupied The independence which applies under international law, the settlements and the occupied territories and in spite of ignoring data official issued by Baghdad or Arbil, the statement Arbil said a hint and a sign of independence and faded other issues in this visit as a matter of editing Mosul and the oil and gas and the salaries of provincial employees and legitimacy of the president of the region and disrupt the regional parliament and the expulsion of ministers and what is said about corruption and sacking Zebari economic crisis for the region. "
He pointed out that "the account of the great and dangerous independence means the expulsion of each segment, while the separation means leaving part of each and independence into a legitimate matter ofinternational law either secession issue of illegal". The sa

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