Arbil / News Network Iraq announced the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, last Thursday, the agreement with the federal government on the formation of ajoint military committee between Erbil and Baghdad for talks on the battle of Mosul Almertqubh.hwiczamn this announcement with a visit he is currently senior Kurdish delegation headed by Massoud Barzani , president of province to Baghdad to discuss outstanding problems and the battle of Mosul Almertqubh.oosdr Council of Ministers of the region, issued a statement onthe regular meeting of the Council last Thursday headed by Nechirvan Barzani, and the presence of the Vice President of the Council, Qubad Atalibana.ohdd statement on the support of ministers andthe parties participating in the government, and government efforts to reform and skip Alozmat.ookd Barzani, said the government delegation region during his recent visit to Baghdad, where meetings were held with the prime minister, Haidar al - Abadi, the Iraqi officials others, "agreed with the government in Baghdad to form a joint military committee between the province and Baghdad for talks on the liberalization of the city of practical steps Mosul and find a suitable mechanism for this issue , ".ouhol outstanding problems between Erbil and Baghdad, especially theissue of oil and the budget and salaries, revealed Nechirvan Barzani, for" both parties agree to theresolution of these files and speed up the resolution, the two sides stressed the importance ofcontinuing the meetings in order to find a common settlement is in the best interest the people ofIraq and Kurdistan . "in the context of another, the Minister of natural resources in the Kurdistan Regional government Ashti Hawrami, that" the decision to stop the export of Kirkuk by the Iraqi government, had a negative impact on the Kurdistan region 's share of the budget during the past six months , "expressing hope the possibility of "plug in the budget for the distribution of salaries on time . " and on what was said about the claim of Baghdad handed over the oil region to it as acondition for the provision of Kurdistan salaries, Hawrami said , "what you say Baghdad is not in favor of the Kurdistan region, because Baghdad does not provide us with the salaries of 1,000,400 thousand employees, what you say Baghdad is not enough for a half salary until the system savings "He stressed Minister of the Territory Council, in a statement , " the continuation of efforts to reach a solution to the problem of late payment of salaries, and continue the meetings of the Council aimed to address the problem . "in conclusion , the Council praised" the role of teachers in theprovince Kurdistan and their steadfastness and their interest in the educational process, also thanked the demonstrators who delivered the demands of the stakeholders in a peaceful and civil, as well as the security authorities to protect the security of the demonstrators. "