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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Turkmen crowd: We have completed ready for the Liberation of Hawija and we will participate in Tal A



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Turkmen crowd: We have completed ready for the Liberation of Hawija and we will participate in Tal A

Post by rocky on Mon 03 Oct 2016, 3:17 am

Turkmen crowd: We have completed ready for the Liberation of Hawija and we will participate in Tal Afar and Mosul

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Announced crowd popular Turkmen (axis of the North), the first on Saturday, for thecompletion of the readiness of troops to participate to " the role of the head of the " liberation of Hawija and areas north of Salahuddin and Mosul, saying that the participation of the joint forces in those battles is a "national unity message" to rid her family of " oppression of Daesh. " 
said Abu Rida al - Najjar, an official focus of the north in an interview with the (long - Presse), said that the " popular crowd forces are subject to the commander in chief of the armed forces, Haider Abadi , a reference to participate battles edit Hawija and the rest of the land north of Salahuddin province, after the completion of the military and logistical preparations. " 
said Najjar that" popular crowd forces the focus of the North, will also participate the role of chairman of thebattle of liberation of Tal Afar and Mosul, and will not be limited to assigning and other security forces. " 
the leader of the Turkmen" the next destination of the PDF crowd the center of the north, is liberalization ofHawija, and rid the people from the oppression of Daesh terrorist gangs , "stressing that" the salvation of thepeople of Hawija , it will be very soon through a joint military operation in which the army and the federal police and the crowd and folk crowd of Turkmenistan and the Peshmerga and the people of the region forces involved effectives popular crowd. " 
in the same context, renewed clan Arab in Kirkuk, Saturday, calls the concerned authorities to speed up theliberalization of their regions, and the formation of a "crisis cell" of their people to coordinate with theadministration of the province and security forces, and secure the return of the displaced to their areas liberated. 
while demanding the Sunni Waqf review " all inclusive" for sermons imams and preachers in mosques and reformulate speech religious to be able to meet the "extremism", the United Nations appealed to local and international humanitarian organizations, to contribute to "alleviate the suffering of " those people. 
this came at a gathering systems, the first of Saturday, the host Sheikh Burhan Mezher Assi city of Kirkuk , the center of the presence of the Prince tribes slaves in Iraq , Anwar al- Asi, and all of the elders of Albu Hamdan, the head of the families of the gentlemen of bliss, and representatives of the families of al - Jubouri and Albu Moufarrej and Bani Ezz phones and Albu Mohammed, beautiful and a group of academics and dignitaries Kirkuk 's Arabs, in the absence of powers of representatives of political parties, and was attended by a reporter (range Press). 
the proof of the Orontes " the elites , tribal, university professors, columns and notables of the Arab component in Kirkuk , met today to discuss the challenges facing the province in general, and areas ofsouthern and west in particular, which account for half of the province space and a basket of baked, inconjunction with the imminent launch of editing process, after more than 27 months on the occupation of Daesh gangs terrorist "He pointed Orontes that" Hawija and the rest of the usurped areas south of Kirkuk and west, has become the embodiment of criminality Daesh gangs and Khsthe, especially after the fall of more than five thousand martyr or a sunset and the detention of her family at the hands of the terrorists and thekilling of hundreds of civilians while trying to escape from them , as a result of mines and improvised explosive devices, as well as the destruction of ten thousand home or host , or tomb, and the displacement of more than 23 thousand families, and trapping tens of thousands of other families within them waiting for an hour ofsalvation. " 
for his part, Sheikh Maitham al - Hamdani , the Emir said tribes Albu Hamdan, in an interview to ( long -Presse), " the conferees agreed to demand that Prime Minister General commander of the armed forces ,Haider al - Abadi and governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim, quickly edit Hawija spend aspects of Zab, Riyadh and Abbasi Rashad and areas west of Daquq, with the participation of the Iraqi army forces and thefight against terrorism and the Peshmerga and the Federal police and popular crowd the people of the region and police of Kirkuk, with securing safe corridors for transit of people trapped and confirm the call for civilians to stay in their villages and regions during the progress of the security pieces, and full cooperation with thesecurity forces in order to preserve their lives and property. " in 
turn, Sheikh Anwar al- Asi Amir said tribes slaves, in an interview to the (range Press), " the meeting stressed the importance of synchronization of liberating the occupied areas , the process of maintaining with relief to the displaced efforts and ensure their safe return to their areas liberated as soon as possible", calling for " theformation of a crisis cell of the people of the southern regions of Kirkuk and west , headed by member representing the Kirkuk Provincial Council to coordinate with the administration of the province and the security forces. " 
Furthermore, said Ali Daham al - Jubouri , head of the Council of Hawija, in an interview to the (long -Presse)," the meeting proposed the establishment of a force in coordination with the head of the security committee in the province of Kirkuk, to support the police force in the maintenance of the land liberated and facilitate the return of displaced persons and the protection of public and private property. " 
He Jubouri that" the meeting appealed to the head of the Sunni Endowment in Iraq, Sheikh Abdul Latif Alhmam, comprehensive review of the speeches of imams and preachers in mosques in the south of Kirkuk regions and west and the reformulation of religious discourse guarantee of moderation and confront extremism and atonement and dismantle ideological Daesh terrorist. " the 
participants at the meeting drew a distress call to the United Nations Mission in Iraq , international and local organizations to urge them to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the population of areas south and west of Kirkuk.

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