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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Reportage: Mosul from the inside .. questions written on the forehead



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Reportage: Mosul from the inside .. questions written on the forehead

Post by rocky on Mon Oct 03, 2016 3:24 am

Reportage: Mosul from the inside .. questions written on the forehead

 Baghdad / benefit Elias 

Dark in dark, a better description of theconnector under the rule of "Daesh" I am afraid to be the case later. Blackness is not ametaphor only severe Valatmh start of theprecise details Kalchmar, solitary Mosaliat prison, opacity intense media to the point ofbecoming the city because of him blindfolded.Future opaque also no one knows how much will cost the battle of liberation forthcoming from the human and material losses and the resulting political and social results will exceed the limits of the theater of operations. 

What Mosul? 
Promoted by the local and international media these days for "Mosul" on a very large scale, and the name hastwo meanings: the first tight and intended city , which has an area of about (1800 km 2) does not include accessories (five Nahiat) and an estimated population is currently between 1.2 to 1.5 million, and the concentrated force "Daesh" and his stronghold importantly , as a source of financing inexhaustible source of trade and the royalties they collect of the people in the name rents, fines and others. 
meaning the other connector is broader and more complex and is intended to Nineveh province , which includes 31 administrative units, ie spend Mosul ( the city and related accessories) and eight other districts, as witnessed linked politically complex disputed areas which 19 administrative unit is subject to 13 including the control of the Kurdistan region and the 17 remaining units are still under the control of "Daesh" except hand Qayyarah south of Mosul , which was liberated by Iraqi forces. 
distinction between stakeholders is important in this specifically for politicians, officials and security leaders and media time, because of Mosul / Nineveh going through rough time, and the question insomniac what theform of the baby due? 
displacement or not? 
before June to June 2014 Mosul / the city was included , according to official statistics , about 1.6 million people , more than half the population of the province, has a quick dramatic changes in demographics occurred because of the circumstances that resulted in the occupation Daesh to Nineveh, waves thedisplacement and the displacement of the city to the outside, and he married counterproductive waves from the outside (surrounding villages and provinces) to the city. 
more modest estimates go into the presence of 1.2 million people where currently, this is a big number ofIraqi crisis reverberated in the corridors of the United Nations. Humanitarian organizations have repeatedly warned of a wave of unprecedented exodus, in August 23 last , spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees , Adrian Edwards said in Geneva that "as many as 1.2 million people could be affected , " theprocess of liberalization of Mosul. 
All indicators go to be restored Mosul would be late 2016 or early 2017, in a maximum period of six months, and practically does not exist on the ground , now plans to build camps to accommodate waves ofdisplacement anticipated (hundreds of thousands) and the Kurdistan region of Iraq does not seem that he iswilling or able to accommodate this human wave , which can plunging cities densely advance Bnazhan mostly from 
tragic situation in the camps , which was built two months ago for fleeing southern Mosul areas, where theright place is not available has been thrown in Depkh camp (east of Mosul) about 20,000 people in all for 4 thousands of dedicated camp before and during operations military against Daesh in Qayyarah, along withacute shortages of food and medicine, so they return to their villages after the calves are edited. 
Questions here once the gall, you still into account the occurrence of massive waves of displacement? If the answer is yes . Where to go and the doors are all closed and there is no choice but barren desert areas. 
Or is the displacement project is canceled? If the answer is yes. How Sttahn battles of the trapped civilians, especially that "Daesh" I will not hesitate to make them as human shields to stop the advance of Iraqi troops if it wants to break into the connector! 

Mosul from the inside? 
Mosul / city buried alive and living outside of the time since the 27 months, it is well known to realize its importance Iraq, when fell downed with Salahuddin and Anbar, Diyala and part of Kirkuk and Baghdad was under threat. 
How to live today? 
away from the details of the tragic stories, people in the famine and poverty have not Ishdoh over the past century in the least, unemployment of more than 80%, the federal government cut the salaries of staff and the private sector injury paralysis almost complete, and the organization fought against the people in their livelihood to earn more fighters against the salary ranges between 150 to 400 000 dinars. 
for medical services are deteriorating due to the displacement of more than 40% of the staff and the lack ofprivate medicine and medical supplies, and that "Daesh" about government hospitals to self - financing inorder forcing patients to pay money in exchange for treatment, after it was free under federal government control. As for electricity, water and oil derivatives are worse than they do today, electricity , for example ,only two hours up every 72 hours at best from the national grid and generators civil works for money that isnot available to many people there. The 
future of nearly half a million students from primary to university level, scattered over three seasons of study, in an unprecedented social catastrophe will pay the price of an entire generation, especially the Ministry ofEducation and general government does not seem to have plans or are eager to face this dilemma , according to a scientific style thoughtful. 
I can say that the vast majority of Almousliyn excited to get rid of "Daesh" but they are preparing the days and hours waiting for that moment, but at the same time there is a fear of the future, perhaps Khvvh liberation clean for Herquat and Qayyarah. 
How is preparing Daesh for the decisive battle? 
defense from inside the fort Daesh combat plan in Mosul, and after the liberation of Qayyarah late August last stepped regulation work on the implementation of this plan and promote them. in 
short, is an attempt to clone the Muslims plan led by the Prophet Muhammad in the battle of the trench 14 centuries ago! 
what is happening on the outskirts of Mosul to dig long trenches and build high walls of concrete Palmsaddat left by Iraqi forces in the city to block the advancement of troops that will participate in intrusion ( the army and the fight against terrorism and mobilize Najafi and the crowd clan, backed Peshmerga popular and crowd), and in anticipation of street fighting in reviving the underground tunnel network dug Mosul difficult topredict its tracks now. 
it sounds funny at first glance, Aftyran international coalition, led by swarms (F16 US) , the most advanced in the the world is able to resolve half the battle, but the real fear is whether the elements of the organization intend to fight to the death in Mosul. Here will be a difficult task , and the bill is expensive. 
US Central Command , Joseph Votal predicted that "Daesh will fight in the positions and withdraw from other positions in Mosul , " and this put logical to some extent. 
Daesh not only fear coming from behind the fences, there are signs of resistance could erupt if Iraqi forces had reached the outskirts of the city, it explains the mass arrests waged for weeks against senior officers in the former army and active members of the dissolved Baath Party and elements of the security and police and youths accused Bmnawothm State succession alleged campaign.

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