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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Security vacuum western Anbar Daesh foreshadowing the return of wet gate



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Security vacuum western Anbar Daesh foreshadowing the return of wet gate

Post by rocky on Tue 04 Oct 2016, 2:16 am

Security vacuum western Anbar Daesh foreshadowing the return of wet gate

 Baghdad / Wael blessing 

Not threaten the security of the desert area seized in southwestern Anbar, from which Daesh to occupy a gray 2015, to return back to the province. And criticizes security officials, in Anbar, not to create a "special force" sophisticated weapons to protect wetlands judiciary, which has been for 4 large - scale attacks by al Daesh, within one month. 

Arrived recently, troops from the Army to the wet coming from Fallujah, the aim of keeping the land and secure desert area. 
in the meantime, approaching the joint forces, which are battling Daesh to finish editing "Anbar Islands", meet in northern Ramadi Island, less than two weeks after the start of the fighting. 
and freed two islands combined forces out of four islands in the western Anbar , near al - Baghdadi and Heat.Was left in front of the army only bar a distance of about 30 km to complete the liberalization northern Anbar areas. 
Announced Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, 20 , last September, the launch of liberalization spend Sharqat operations and the islands of gray and white. 
And managed joint forces after 72 start of the operations of the edit right side spend Sharqat, which accounts for about 70% of the area of the city. on the 
other hand approaching edit the islands of Ramadi and Hit , the process of entering the second week, but they are moving slowly compared to operations that took place in the northern Salahuddin and Sharqat. 

gray island 
but Ghassan Alathaway, a leader in mobilizing the Anbar tribes, he stressed that "operations carried outaccording to plan," adding that "stretching north of the gray of the islands until the Haditha District are vast areas and includes many villages." 
said Ithawi, who resides in Ramadi island, in connection with the (range) yesterday that "Anbar operations forces X band in the Iraqi army gained control of the Albu Assaf area, and began advancing towards the Albu Ali Jassim in Ramadi Island." 
the leader of the clan , " the killing of 13 component of the organization Daesh in the latest fighting, and theflight of another setting to the north of the island." He pointed out that " the ground forces and the Army Aviation and Alliance have treated a number of car bombs and subunits of the organization , which included suicide bombers during the progress of the island." 
After the liberation of the regions of the Po Diab, and Albu Assaf, the front of the joint forces bar area of 30 km extends to the areas of "Trabshh" and "pristine neighborhood" nearby to spend the Heat, to declare theisland free of Khalidiya Daesh. 

to meet with troops liberated 
in the meantime, the joint forces liberated, in the western axis of the Inbar, led by the island 's operations and the desert, the islands of the cupboard and Baghdadi. And planning powers to meet in the north of thepristine neighborhood, after completing the liberation of the remaining modern islands and Heat. 
But Ithawi, a spokesman for the Anbar tribes, it confirms that it will take some time, attributing this to the "islands is great and rugged areas, and that the insurgents are resorting disappearance within dense orchards , particularly fugitives from the liberated areas. " 
the control of the Heat Island was important for the protection of the security of the judiciary to prevent beingtargeted with mortars , which starts from the island. But did not expect to be repeated surprises in the rest of Anbar Islands, like the one happened in Khalidiya Island in August. 
I saw Khalidiya island battles killed about 1,000 armed men, and found liberated troops on tanks and heavy weapons, as well as a network of tunnels and vast taken by gunmen as centers of administration and control.

Next danger wet 
Unlike advancements in northern Ramadi, but the see - Issawi, head of the security committee in the Anbar warns of "dangerous return Daesh to the liberated areas if it continues not to wet the security of that link areas of desert to the borders with three Arab countries adjust." 
waging Daesh 4 attacks spend big on wetlands within one month. And I saw the wet, during the month of September 0.3 violent attacks carried out by 3 wheels bomb. 
Repulse the 18 Brigade of the Iraqi army, two days after the latest incident, an attack last Daesh. He also organized during one of these attacks to cut off the water from the wet, after blew water project in thejudiciary. 
Criticizes al - Issawi to send troops from the first band, which had been present in Fallujah, for the purpose ofsecuring the wet wipe. 
And renews the security official demanding " the establishment of a private army and people of power region, trained and equipped with advanced weapons, to protect the wetlands. " 
a vanguard first Army Division had reached the wetlands to catch the city, and protection in conjunction with other security forces. 
as Vaughan arrived from the Federal police, last September, to the border Alwaleed port's eliminate wetlands, to strengthen the pieces of combat. 
the Shaker Rishawi, commander of the "desert Falcons" Regiment of the fighters of Anbar 's tribes, had threatened, in August, to withdraw his troops from newborn port within 24 hours in case not to send government support. 
the tribal fighters liberated border Alwaleed port two months ago , from the control of the organization Daesh.Liberated forces and demanded the government to send military reinforcements to catch the port. 
And liberated the Iraqi army wetlands City, last May, and later announced the involvement of Anbar 's tribes forces tasks constipation land with army troops.

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