BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq warned the president of a coalition united Osama Najafi, day, cases of "revenge and fighting and settling of accounts between ethnic groups" after the battle toliberate Mosul, hello at the same time with the participation of the Iraqi army and police forces andthe fight against terrorism with the support of the international coalition and help the Peshmerga in that battle . Najafi said in a statement issued today, after a meeting with US Ambassador in Iraq ,Douglas Silliman, "it was discussed during the meeting and discuss the political and security files ,and especially the battle to liberate Mosul, and preparations are under way to eliminate Daesh andthe liberalization of the province , " noting that "display political vision historical emergence ofextremist organizations like al - Qaeda and Daesh, and how to address them and the mistakes that accompanied it. "Najafi and stressed that" Daesh will collapse and that military victory will be achieved, and required that all work to non - appearance of a new version of Daesh through theelimination of the causes of extremism and face it with wisdom and reason and make plans ensure to prevent any emergence of new , "noting that" the battle to liberate Mosul of privacy because of the diverse people of the province and because of the crimes committed by Daesh is creating negative consequences should pay attention to them, and to prevent cases of revenge and fighting between ethnic groups. "He stressed Najafi that" the people of the province right the role and animportant basis in the liberation of their wallets across national and tribal crowd that they represent the province and would receive the support and backing of the people of the city are working to shorten the life of the battle and achieve quick results, "adding that it" welcomes theIraqi army and police forces and the fight against terrorism and to support the international coalition and help the Peshmerga. "he continued that he was "looking forward to seeing the project or vision beyond Daesh and this is what is not clear yet, so that the existence of a comprehensive vision that will prevent attempts to control and monopolize and settling accounts which opens thedoor to the occurrence of extremism undermines the hope of a balanced future is a matter of trust."he also stressed Najafi that " the will of the citizens of the city and their interests and preserve their lives and their money and infrastructure of their city targets should be safeguarded and stresses bythe liberated forces." according to the statement was presented the American ambassador, for his part, thanks to Najafi, and "described his presentation that he awesome and comprehensive," and that he "agrees with him , " he pointed out that " the United States with the support of the people of the city to understand those who hold the ground." he said the US ambassador that "America iscommitted to restore normal life of the province, and with the presence of political mechanisms beyond Daesh" and stressed that "there international campaign will be followed by the expulsion ofDaesh goal of clearing mines, explosives and rebuilding its infrastructure. "the ambassador stressed that" consistent with Najafi to prevent any interference that would affect the province, and it is important that there be no conflict or foreign agenda on the territory of the province , "the statement said.