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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Liberation of Iraq: Iraq is threatened by division .. and Shiite factions alien to Mosul



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Liberation of Iraq: Iraq is threatened by division .. and Shiite factions alien to Mosul

Post by rocky on Thu 06 Oct 2016, 3:30 am

Liberation of Iraq: Iraq is threatened by division .. and Shiite factions alien to Mosul

 Erbil / Reuters 

Liberation of Iraq, the governor of Nineveh previously prepared force to participate in the liberation of Mosul, said the battle will be adefining moment for Iraq and possibly result in the division of the country along ethnic and sectarian lines. 
Preparing Iraq for more than a year of the attack in order to eject the organization Daesh of the last major strongholds . It is expected that the process will begin this month. 
However, it may represent what will happen after the victory the biggest of the battle itself a challenge as it will find the Sunnis and the Kurds and the Shiites, who have formed an alliance is not stable in the face ofDaesh, themselves in front of a daunting task in the development of power - sharing in Iraq arrangements . 
, said Najafi, a prominent Sunni politician was leading the conservative tasks in Mosul when organizing Daesh dominated the city, " the biggest fear that Iraq is divided If you do not take control of this battle wisely did not Sunni Arabs give real authority." 
in August last year directed a parliamentary committee Iraqi blame for Ngeevi and a number of politicians andmilitary commanders and other campaign responsible for the control of the organization in a lightning operation on the Sunni - dominated city. 
he said Najafi told Reuters he was committed to strengthening the unity of Iraq. 
he says Najafi said his men who trained 200 more ability to succeed Turkish military adviser to US forces in achieving stability in Mosul, because they are from the area and they can win over the local population. 
prepared Najafi made up a force of about 4,500 fighters , most of them Iraqi soldiers and former officers of the Nineveh province , Mosul is the capital in order to participate in the attack. he 
also praised Najafi in cooperation with the Kurds , however , he criticized the factions Shiite Iran , which enjoys the support, thus confirming sensitivities list before releasing the Mosul operation. 
accuse politicians in Shi'ite factions committing massive violations of human rights is that the factions denies this. She says the factions that had a prominent role in addressing Daesh It protects Iraq from terrorists. 
He said Najafi, who had spoke to Reuters at his home spacious in Arbil, said that " the Kurds partners on theground. Not a problem for us with them. But the Shiite factions intruders or strange entity in the province. " 
He said Najafi, in the interview , which took place in the guard gunmen wearing military camouflage green," in regard to Erd no problem. but in regard to the Iranian presence this very dangerous on the Nineveh province. " 
as if to underline the complexities of the situation wary Turkey ally Najafi of the Kurds because it fears that encourages autonomy they have enjoyed in northern Iraq , the Kurds of Turkey to claim independence. 
he called Najafi to the unit, but noted that the calm will be achieved only greater autonomy at the regional level , an idea irritate the central Shiite - led government in Baghdad. 
former governor of Nineveh , and said he should be the responsibility of Nineveh administrative and security affairs and even formulate its constitution, warning that Iraq will be divided if it is granted powers for theyear. 
he said Najafi "maybe divided into more than three or four sectors. even in Baghdad , they will face the same problem ", pointing out that the battle of Mosul , Iraq may keep one unit but a new form of management, however , will happen detachment.

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