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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Foreign Affairs: Daesh foreign fighters caused the loss of strategic battles in Iraq



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Foreign Affairs: Daesh foreign fighters caused the loss of strategic battles in Iraq

Post by rocky on Thu 06 Oct 2016, 3:32 am

Foreign Affairs: Daesh foreign fighters caused the loss of strategic battles in Iraq

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Forn Journal of the American Affairs, said that Daesh apparently is not that the force that was it, no longer rich and able to buy the loyalty of anyone. She noted that the internal rift hurt the performance of Combat Group; In Iraq lost regulation three battles fought inaddition to the two cities and more than 30 villages. 
According to local fighters from Daesh the foreign fighters make up a lot of trouble, but do not have thewillingness to cooperate with local fighters and increased competition between the parties in order to money and power. 
in July 2015, for example, gunmen from Albania, Russia , killing three local fighters and wounding others in Alas oil field south of Kirkuk - the oil transfer getaway spot - after battling each other on various military strategies on the front line near the flag where local fighters refused to follow orders foreigners, but the civilian population , say the reason is oil money, having sold one of the local oil groups for truckers outgoing to Syria over the connector and the other took bribes to allow the passage of the trucks, but the foreigners tried to stop the truck to get more money. 
he says the citizen Mazhar Abbas "they are fighting for their interests." Another example is when a dispute between foreign and local fighters and it came to Daesh courts, in March of foreign pressure on the alleged judges to issue harsh penalties - Kalaaadam - against local who oppose them. 
As no secret that Daesh discriminate in its military orders as the fighter site based on nationality; theAmericans and the Europeans, Russians and Chechens are occupying management positions intermediate in the manufacture of bottles and training camps and military bases coefficient, while the Chinese suicide bombers used, either Arabs Afiksmon into two parts - the Department in leadership positions postgraduate department in low positions. 
battle series lasted for two years, but the two battles of two recent changed the offensive rankings . In battles Sinjar and Bashir persuaded the foreign fighters leadership Daesh that they are qualified to organize and lead the fight I agreed leadership to manage the battles that turned out to be a disaster for them. 
On the tenth of April 2016 he fled to foreign fighters (Russians and Caucasians and Chinese, Chechens), who was supposed to lead the battle in Bashir, four hours from entering the Peshmerga forces and popular crowd before, leaving local fighters without hardware or equipment or sophisticated weapons to counter attack. The 
battle and met miserably group Daesh where dozens of their fighters were killed and lost more than four villages strategic near Kirkuk. 
It was a battle of Sinjar - led by fighters Daesh of the French and the Russians and the Americans - much worse, few days before the start of the battle stole commander Daasha Euro 70 thousand dollars and disappeared , leaving the rest of the fighters without ammunition, food or dolly forces, did not resist fighters one day. 
he said a local fighters from Daesh "did not lose foreign fighters Sinjar, but sold it instead of defending it. " 
such behavior Combat cowardly adds to the suspicion among the local fighters and civilians alike, local combatants they believe that Western fighters are believers and professional and educated , but they see them today Mptzan working on behalf of their respective governments. 
a former officer in the army . " there are rumors in Hawija that the banners of foreign fighters contain phosphorous substance send signals to coalition aircraft so as not to Tqcefhm. " 
in the end they Bashir battles and Sinjar excuse for local fighters to regain their administrative and military positions on the front lines in the province of Nineveh, but foreigners were not willing to give up those locations; in August , a dispute between groups of local and French fighters took each of them had wanted toget the administrative office in the door of a brick which led to a fight with weapons between them in acrowded market in Mosul. 
stabilized the situation in Iraq after the Daesh leaders removal of foreign fighters from administrative positions and political and placement of the work of intelligence and in improvised explosive manufacturing plants and assigned technical tasks, and sometimes deported to rural areas to avoid friction local fighters. 
in response , the refuge of foreigners to work small sabotage . in September , the member of a Saudi Daesh sabotaging a large tunnel connects Sharqat Center area Shakra, The tunnel was a way to escape Daesh fighters, but it was destroyed after he crossed through the increased gap between foreign and domestic.

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